A Thousand Whispers Style (Fight ••, Fulmine •)Edit

Requires Road of Dawn Supplement
Requires Kensai or Levinbolt
Action: Permanent

An annoyance for a Princess's weapons is how a certain type of style or combat can apply to it while cutting off all the rest. Not anymore. This charm allows the Princess to have one extra form of Kensai or Levinbolt (she chooses when she learns the charm). The Princess's "second" Kensai or Levinbolt is the same in all respects to the first in having all of the same upgrades, save that she can choose a different form for her second version for the purpose of having multiple Fighting Styles . The other versions can be switched out with a transformation action.


Why Not Both?Edit

Requires Kensai and Levinbolt
Action: Permanent

If the Princess owns both Kensai or Levinbolt, but she already has this charm and chose one of the Fight charms, upon purchasing this upgrade the Princess may have a second version of the Fight Charm she didn't choose at first.


Requires Fulmine ••-•••••
Stackable Up to 4 Times

Each time the Princess purchases this upgrade, she may gain another version of Kensai or Levinbolt for the purpose of Fighting Styles. If she has the "Why Not Both" Upgrade, or purchases it after purchasing this, the Princess also automatically gains a weapon for both Fight charms for the purpose of Fighting Styles.