Accept Fealty (••••, Invocation •••)Edit

Action: Extended, 10 minutes/roll, threshold = target’s Willpower
Dice pool: Presence + Persuasion
Cost: 1 Wisp/roll, 1 Willpower dot
Duration: lasting

With this ceremony, the Princess swears a mortal into the service of the Queen she follows. When she reaches the threshold, the target becomes one of the Sworn, with the traits and drawbacks of that template. The target must understand what he is doing, and do it voluntarily; on an unknowing or unwilling target, the Charm fails. It also fails on mortals steeped in villainy; the target must not have Vice-Ridden [CofD 46]. Each Queen has a different version of this Charm, and a Princess can learn and use only the one for her own Queen.

A Bequest of any Queen’s version of Accept Fealty fails to work unless used by someone loyal to that Queen who has at least 3 dots in her Invocation. Thus a Beacon cannot use any such Bequests, and Sworn or Nobles cannot use a Bequest attuned to any Queen but their own, and not even that except after long study of their Queen’s magic.