Adaptation (Perfect •••, Legno ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Stamina + Survival
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: until detransformation

To live is to change; to be perfect, one must change often. Wherever the Noble may go, she changes as she must to be in harmony with her surroundings.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble strains her body or gives herself an allergy; she takes the Sick Tilt [CofD 286] and may not use this Charm for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Noble does not adapt.
Success: For each success, the Noble gains one of the following benefits until she returns to mundane form.
  • She subtracts one from the effective level of an extreme environment (this may be taken up to 4 times.)
  • When resisting disease, drugs, poison or fatigue, she adds +2 to her roll (this may be taken twice.)
  • She doubles the time that she can hold her breath (this may be taken up to 3 times.)
  • She swims in water at her full Speed on land.
  • Her skin and clothes take the color of her surroundings; Perception rolls to notice her take a -2 penalty.
  • In a social setting, she behaves properly by instinct; she gains a +1 bonus to Socialize dice pools (this may be taken up to 3 times.)
  • She can walk untouched on streets stalked by human predators; mundane characters must spend a Willpower point to initiate violence on her.
Exceptional Success: Extra successes are their own reward.