All the World's a Stage (•••••, Aria ••••)Edit

Avatar (Spades)
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Manipulation + Expression
Cost: 3 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

The Queen of Spades' avatar is a subtle spirit, influencing the actors on the stage without being an actor herself; the stage manager isn’t part of the play, after all, even if she makes it all happen. If all the world’s a stage, then no one should notice the theatre's manager, right?

Dramatic Failure: The Noble thinks the Charm worked. Initially she takes the Insensate Tilt [CofD 285] and spends her time giggling to herself; if brought out of that, she replaces it with the Drugged Tilt [CofD 281] as if under a generic narcotic. Both Tilts expire when the scene ends, returning her to sobriety.
Failure: A gust from nowhere swirls around the Noble, leaving her disheveled.

In a scintillating gust, the Noble’s body dissolves, flaking away into the air with a soft chuckle. Blue and white streamers track the motion of her wind-body, weaving in and out in the breeze with a soft radiance which glows brighter the faster she moves. If she is still, she’s almost invisible, only noticeable by the chill feel of the air and the breeze that stirs the area. While in this state, the following abilities and changes to the Noble's status apply:

  • She is in the state of Twilight, and may not be harmed by anything which cannot reach into this realm.
  • Likewise, she cannot interact with the mortal world, except by using a Charm or a power that normally allows touching things in Twilight.
  • While stationary, she is almost completely invisible (-5 to Perception rolls to notice her). When she moves, others may make an unmodified Perception roll to notice her, and if she runs, they add her Inner Light to that roll; but she cannot be identified.
Success: However, these benefits are secondary to the main purpose of the Charm. Until the Charm ends, the Noble has a pool of floating bonuses available to her, which can store one bonus for each dot of her Aria. This pool begins empty, and as an instant action, the Noble may roll a dice pool of any Finesse Attribute + Aria and keep the result as a bonus. She can apply stored bonuses reflexively to any action undertaken by someone she can see, either adding or subtracting dice as she pleases; once applied, a bonus is used up.
The Noble resolidifies when the Charm expires, and any unspent bonuses are lost.
Exceptional Success: The Noble may store two extra bonuses in her pool.