Always Prepared (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Noble adds a multi-tool to her Regalia. The Regalia bonus applies to any Crafts action that does not require heavy equipment to attempt, including the making, repairing and upgrading of physical tools with the Build Equipment action. [CofD 100-102] In a pinch, the multi-tool can be used as an improvised weapon, doing lethal damage; the Regalia bonus applies to this use, but the Quality bonus does not.



When extensive work requiring heavy machinery is called for, the Noble can whistle up just the right gadget out of thin air. She spends 1 Wisp to create a tool no larger than Size 5, or 2 Wisps for a tool up to Size 10, which will allow her to carry out a Crafts action for which proper equipment is not available. The Regalia and Quality bonuses apply to the action the tool is made for. When the action resolves, the tool disintegrates into a cloud of sparks.

Sparking (Fuoco •)Edit

The Noble's multi-tool includes a lighter that never runs out of fuel. She can start a fire with a candle's Intensity just by touching the fuel with her tool. If she needs more intense heat she can spend Wisps; each Wisp increases the resulting fire’s Intensity by 1 step, up to the level of a chemical fire.