Animate ShadowEdit

The character’s shadow develops a mind of its own and serves them as a familiar. The shadow is treated as an ephemeral being (though not of the types in the Chronicles of Darkness book) with the following traits.

Rank: 1
Power: lowest of the character’s Intelligence, Strength and Presence
Finesse: lowest of the character’s Wits, Dexterity and Manipulation
Resistance: lowest of the character’s Resolve, Stamina and Composure
Size: The character’s
Influence: Shadows 1
Numina: Innocuous, Telekinesis (appears as the shadow reaching for the thing it moves)
Manifestations: Twilight Form, Discorporate
Max Essence: 10
Ban: The shadow will indulge the character’s Vice whenever an opportunity offers. Being a shadow it is limited but makes up for that by stooping to rather petty acts. The shadow of a greedy man will swipe loose change. The shadow of a lusty woman will take any opportunity to pinch a cute hunk’s bum. The character may roll Composure as an instant action to restrain the shadow - it will do nothing for one turn per success.
Bane: Direct sunlight, when the shadow is out of its natural position.

The shadow cannot speak. Its default shape is a silhouette of the character. It moves by crawling along the ground or across the walls, but always remains attached to the character’s feet. It regains 1 Essence per day from its attachment to the character, and 1 Essence when the character does something that can create Taint. If damaged to the point of losing all its Corpus, the shadow hibernates in the character’s body, invisible to everyone.

Drawback: The character has a shadow that commits petty sins and impertinences unless strictly watched, or (if the thing was discorporated) casts no shadow at all, which will draw notice.