The mission of the Hopeful is to confront the Darkness, and all those who serve it. The most obvious, and common, threats they face are the Darkspawn, and the areas they lurk in, where human evil has worn holes into the fabric of reality itself. Occasionally, they find cults that, out of despair or greed, serve the Darkness consciously - one example of such, the Cult of Broken Dreams, is described here. The terrible Goalenu, once the Kingdom's Sworn Guard under the Queen of Storms, and still raging at its murderers, must be opposed lest they destroy the gleams of Light that remain. Opposing them are the Ghost Princesses, loyal unto the Court of Tears even after death. And there is even a threat from the Dreamlands. The Wardens patrol for souls carrying the Light, hoping to return them to a blissful prison while the Amanojaku steal mortals' identities to taste of life on Earth. Most terrifying of all are The Dethroned, Nobles who have given in to the pain and despair that surrounds them.