Breath of Boreas (••••, Acqua •••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 minute/roll, threshold = 5
Dice pool: Intelligence + Science + weather modifier
Cost: 3 Wisps
Duration: 1 or more scenes

The North Wind blows and winter comes at the Noble’s call. When she reaches the threshold, the temperature rapidly falls below freezing in a circle of 1 mile radius centered on the Noble, creating the Extreme Cold Tilt [CofD 282] within the circle. The cold snap lasts for the rest of the current scene. The Noble is not protected from the weather she has summoned (not, at least, by this Charm.)

Furthermore, for every 3 successes the Noble accumulates over the threshold, she can tune the weather further to her liking, adding one of the following effects.

  • Biting: The chill goes deep into people’s flesh. The Extreme Cold Tilt inflicts a -1 penalty immediately. The Princess can apply this effect up to 5 times.
  • Icy: Freezing rain falls in the area, coating all surfaces in ice. The Ice Tilt [CofD 284] applies throughout the affected area.
  • Snowing: Snow falls in great quantities, imposing the Blizzard Tilt [CofD 281] throughout the affected area.
  • Duration: The weather, and the tilts it creates, last for another scene.
Current weather conditions modify the activation roll: cold extreme environment (+ level), other extreme environment (- level), already snowing (+3), thick clouds (+1), or clear sky (-1). The Charm cannot be used more than once a day in a single area.

Upgrade: Loyal (Acqua ••••)Edit

The Charm encloses the Noble in a bubble of warm air, protecting her from the cold she has invoked. The Noble takes no penalties or damage from the extreme environment, and if she wishes she can suppress any or all Tilts imposed by the Charm within a radius of Inner Light yards of herself, or reimpose them, as an instant action. Each Tilt can be suppressed or released independently.