Call Back Yesterday (•, Terra •)Edit

Action: Extended, 5 minutes/roll, threshold = 1 per 20 years of object’s age
Dice pool: Intelligence + Crafts
Cost: 1 Wisp per 5 Size points of the target
Duration: lasting

To the Flowers, nothing that is past is gone forever, and anything can be restored if only a fragment remains. By painstaking inspection of an object that has suffered the ravages of time - wear, rust, corrosion or neglect - and some judicious scrubbing, the Noble can remove every trace of time’s passage from it, bringing it back to the condition it was in when newly made. The threshold for the Charm is set by the object’s age; an item made less than 20 years ago needs 1 success, one made up to 40 years ago needs 2, one made up to 60 years ago needs 3, and so forth. The Charm does not fix damage to the object, as represented by lost Structure points; if a Noble uses it on a damaged object, the damage is transformed into hidden structural flaws, and the penalty for damage that exceeds the item’s Durability remains.

Suggested modifiers: appropriate tools (+equipment bonus), major parts missing (-1 to -3)