Call Down the Thunder (••••, Aria •••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll, threshold = 5
Dice pool: Strength + Science + weather modifier
Cost: 3 Wisps
Duration: 1 or more scenes

The Noble raises her hands to the sky and summons the wrath of a storm. Once she reaches the threshold, the sky fills with dark clouds and rain starts to fall in a radius of 1 mile, building in seconds to a downpour (the Heavy Rain Tilt [CofD 283]) that lasts until the Charm ends. In freezing weather the clouds release snow instead of rain, creating the Blizzard Tilt [CofD 281]. The Noble can’t change the temperature with this Charm.

Furthermore, for every 3 successes the Noble accumulates over the threshold, she can apply one of the following effects. She may wait to choose which effects to apply until the turn she needs one.

  • Heavy Winds: The storm buffets everyone caught in it, impeding their movements. Until the Charm ends, the area has one level of the Heavy Winds Tilt [CofD 283]. The Noble can apply this effect a maximum of 3 times.
  • Hailstones: As an instant action, the Noble rolls her activation dice pool; in a circle with a radius of 20x Aria yards centered on a point within sight, hailstones strike everything exposed to the sky, doing 1 bashing damage for each success. If the Noble is inside the circle, she takes the damage along with everything else within it.
  • Lightning: As an instant action, the Noble rolls her activation dice pool; a bolt of lightning strikes one target within sight, doing 1 lethal damage for each success. General armor reduces this damage.
  • Duration: The Charm, and the Tilts it creates, last for another scene.

Current weather conditions modify the activation roll: already raining or snowing (+3), thick clouds (+1), clear sky (-1), or drought (-3). The Charm cannot be used more than once a day in a single area.

Upgrade: Uplifting (Aria ••••)Edit

The storm guides itself to help the Noble who summoned it. The Tilts it creates don’t affect her, and hailstones don’t strike her if she calls them to the place she stands. Moreover, she can apply accumulated successes for another effect:

Speed: The storm winds always blow at the Noble’s back, carrying her more swiftly to her destination. She adds +1 to her Speed and Initiative until the Charm ends. She can apply this effect a maximum of 3 times.