A Princess Blossoms when she is faced with a crisis and chooses to act; she accepts responsibility for the problems surrounding her and declares it is her duty to fix things. Through accepting duty and responsibility the Princess finds the inner strength she'll need to fulfil her new role, and unlocks her magic. Although Blossoming (usually) has no effect on a Princess' brain development or hormonal balance many Nobles consider their Blossoming to signify the moment they became adults: Ready to handle their own responsibilities, make their own decisions to govern their life, and go out into the world to make their mark.

This combination of a Princess' new duties and the strength and magic that flow from them is called her Calling, the foundation stone of any Princess' power. Through her Calling a Princess can recharge her spent magical and emotional energy: By fulfilling the responsibilities she has accepted she refreshes her spirit and her surety about her place in the world. A Calling also brings a Princess affinity for the magic that is most helpful to fulfilling her duties, making it easier for her to learn those abilities. Finally a Calling also imposes a code of behavior, for a Princess has magic to help her fulfil her purpose and make the world a better place, not to indulge herself in the privileges of noble rank.

A Calling does not confine a Princess into a narrow role, and few Princesses would argue that it should. The world is chaotic and always has more problems than Princesses so the ability to step outside your comfort zone to deal with a different kind of crisis is always praiseworthy; while accepting a Calling makes it easier for a Princess to learn certain types of magic, it does nothing to hinder her exploration into other fields. Perhaps most importantly of all a Calling is an understanding and an acceptance that a Princess' duties are not a job she performs or a role she fills. A Princess' duties are who she is, and who she wants to be.

The five Callings are:

  • Champion: Defenders of the weak and helpless.
  • Grace: Elegant and noble, the voices and diplomats of the Reborn.
  • Mender: Those who take wounded flesh and wounded hearts and make them whole.
  • Seeker: Hunters of truth, banishers of lies, revealers of the hidden.
  • Troubadour: Artists and exemplars who inspire greatness in others.

The Three OathsEdit

Each Calling defines three sacred oaths, listed in order from the most important to the least. If a Princess breaks any of the oaths of her Calling, she immediately reaches a breaking point. Usually, breaking the third oath is a compromise with no modifier, breaking the second is a compromise with a -1 penalty, and breaking the first is a compromise with a -2 penalty. The Storyteller is of course free to adjust the modifiers to reflect the situation in the game.

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