Celestial Dance (•)Edit

Favor (Athletics)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, she moves with the grace and speed of an Olympian gymnast (detailed rules for tasks covered by Athletics may be found in Athletic Feats.

Although Athletics is used to calculate it, Defense is not an action, and Celestial Dance does not improve it. However, the Noble may apply an Invocation to her Dodge pool after doubling her Defense.

Upgrade: SwiftEdit

Stackable 3 times

The Noble moves a little faster than a normal human can, and avoids the strokes of her enemies. She adds +1 to her Defense, Speed and Initiative each time she takes this upgrade. At the start of a foot chase [CofD 84-85] the Noble reduces the successes she needs to pursue or evade by 1 for each time she took this upgrade.

Upgrade: Floating (Acqua •)Edit

Water and ice are the Noble’s allies; she moves in liquid or on slick surfaces unimpeded. In an area with the Blizzard [CofD 281] or Flooded Tilts [CofD 282] the Noble reduces the Tilt’s penalty to Physical actions by her Acqua. In an area with the Ice Tilt [CofD 284], the Noble suffers none of its effects - she can move at full speed, and takes no penalty to Physical actions. Moreover, she may spend 1 Wisp to add her Acqua to her Speed and Initiative for a scene, as long as she is swimming or stays within a Blizzard, Flooded or Ice Tilt.

Upgrade: Weightless (Aria •)Edit

The very air bears the Noble up whenever she leaves the ground. When she jumps and applies Aria to the roll, she multiplies the distance she travels by (1 + Aria) instead of adding Aria to her dice pool. When she falls [CofD 97] she may spend 1 Wisp reflexively to slow her fall; she takes no damage unless she reaches terminal velocity, and a fall at terminal velocity inflicts bashing, not lethal damage.

Upgrade: Heaving (Fuoco •)Edit

The Noble can lift and throw objects of great weight. She may apply Fuoco when lifting an object to increase her effective Strength by her dots, and adds her Fuoco in yards to the short range of her thrown objects [CofD 90]; her medium and long range increase in proportion. Moreover, she can spend 1 Wisp to throw an object she has lifted, even if its Size exceeds her Strength.

Upgrade: Gripping (Legno •)Edit

In high places, the Noble cannot put a hand or foot in the wrong place. When climbing, she reduces penalties from a sheer or slick surface by her Legno dots. If she falls while climbing or within reach of a surface, she may roll Dexterity + Athletics to grip the surface and stop her fall altogether; a fall from a climb, if stopped, is only 10 feet. Moreover, if she spends 1 Wisp, her hands and feet hold fast to any surface; she can move along walls and ceilings as easily as on floors.