• A major rework to the rules for Tainted and Blessed places, contributed by Jordy Vanderstukken. The rework also changed the Entering Darkness power; the Caligines Defiling Touch, Burying the Crime, Twisting the Bane and Profanation; the Dethroned Chains Fortress of Regrets and Gates to Lamentation; the Charms Blessings Be Upon This House and Purgation; and the Tax-Farmed Condition. [Mod Note: Still working on porting it across to the dark powers. Oops. My bad. -Masaru]
  • A major rework to the rules for Nations and mundane organizations, based on the rules for krewes in Geist 2e. The rework also changed the Charms Illuminatus and Unearth the Foundations, and the Privilege Following the Money of the Embassy to the Economy.
  • Added a section to Chapter One, "Common Lives".
  • Expanded the explanation of Callings.
  • Changed the description of Graces.
  • Added a supernatural Merit, Firm Anchor.
  • New Charm: Charm Offensive (Connect ••, Terra ••).
  • Merged the Fight Charms Shield Wall and Your Guardian Angel into one Charm, Take the Blow, and added an upgrade, Oakenshield (Legno •).
  • The Stolen upgrade to Charge can extract Wisps from Beacons and characters with dry pools.
  • Reworked the Masqued Ball upgrade to Grey Masque.
  • A Princess at Belief 0 no longer needs help to become Dethroned.
  • New section on Radiant Nobles in Alhambra.
  • If a Bequest's effect varies by Inner Light, Beacons and Sworn use it as if they had Inner Light 1.


  • Added an optional rule allowing Nobles to choose one of their three Charm family affinities.
  • An exceptional success on a Call of Duty roll grants a Luminous Beat.
  • The Second Calling Merit now gives the Noble a second Vocation.
  • Wings of Air dropped to Perfect •••, Aria ••.
  • Added rules for Light-touched characters to escape the Dark World, if they end up there.
  • Dark creatures explicitly can't take people with them when Entering Darkness.





  • Tweaked Tension, allowing a Noble to resolve Indiscreet rather than risk a check.
  • Clarified a timing issue with Tendril of Nothing.



  • Defined Unseen Sense (Light) and Unseen Sense (Darkness) under Modified Merits.
  • Dots in the Minor Invoker Merit now substitute for Invocation dots when using the Charm it's tied to.
  • Bequests of Avatar Charms now need the user to have 3 dots in the linked Invocation.
  • Making Regalia Practical allows a Noble to summon it in both forms.
  • Added a Bequest's Charm rating to the dice pool that Light-touched characters roll to recognize it.
  • Ruled out using a Bequest to prepare a Living Image, including another Bequest.
  • Clarified when to apply Tempesta to gain the benefit of Best Defense.
  • Added Caligines: Shadow Cloak and So Many of Me.
  • The Encacogen Caligo explicitly creates a Shadow Gate Condition at two dots.
  • Reworked Enervating Hex and Shadowblade Caligines to use the 2e corebook's system for building equipment.
  • Shikigami can take transformed Attributes and Skills and form-limited Merits, giving them a transformation.
  • Shikigami can take Gift of Unison with multiple partners.
  • The Enervating Hex and Shadow-Worked Conditions now end when the affected object touches jade or is destroyed.
  • Added a second way to gain Beats from Legal Minor.
  • The Embassy to the Arcane's Privileges now apply to magic that can be activated by rituals.


  • Moved the general rules sidebars to a separate appendix "Additional Rules".
  • Tweaked the detransformation rules: Nobles detransform if they have no Wisps at scene end, not in mid-scene.
  • Changed Levinbolt's interaction with autofire; short bursts are allowed with the basic Charm, first Multiple upgrade unlocks medium bursts, second unlocks long bursts and makes short bursts free.
  • Added Recording upgrade to Data Wizard.
  • Dethroned may take the Monstrous Size Hex multiple times.
  • Added Fortress Curses to the Witch of the Woods.
  • Organizations can apply the CofD rules for procuring and building equipment.
  • Replaced the Armed benefit for organizations with a new benefit, Prepared.
  • Added a sample character, Lady Maria, to the Protectorate of Blue Topaz.


  • Added Arsène Lupin as an inspiration for the Queen of Spades.
  • Added rules for human-shikigami fusions as a supernatural Merit, Unison (or Gift of Unison for shikigami PCs), inspired by Miraculous and MGLN Unison Devices.
  • Added Appear Charm, Reverse Ideology, and the Reflected Tilt it imposes.
  • Replaced the Boiling, Freezing and Quaking upgrades to Levinbolt with Freezing (Acqua), Gusting (Aria) and Piercing (Terra).
  • Added Fight Charms, Certain Shot and Seven at a Blow.
  • Changed the curse of Health in Tainted areas.
  • Added the Caligines Encacogen and Blood Diamonds, and the Strip-mined Tilt the latter imposes.
  • Added a Dark Cult, the Upas Covens.
  • Finding an organization's Secret Conditions now uses CofD's investigation system.
  • Added organization Benefit, Untouchable.
  • Added Innocuous Merit for shikigami.
  • Weakened the prerequisites for entering an Embassy.
  • Changed the effects of ectoplasm (Embassy to Death) to match Mage 2e's rules for the stuff.
  • Replaced a Consul to Ephemera's "Worth is Value" Privilege with "Spiritual Harmonic".
  • Added two Protectorates: Blue Topaz and Malachite.
  • Adjusted the Beat rule for the False Memory Condition.
  • Converted the Fearful and Terrified Conditions to temporary.


  • Changed all references to the World of Darkness Core and the God-Machine Chronicle to the new Chronicles of Darkness rule book.
  • Reorganized most of the book: character creation, Merits, Nations and all template abilities except Charms form Chapter 2; Charms form Chapter 3; Blessed Places and minor templates went to the end of Chapter 4.
  • Changed the Graces' first Oath.
  • New Practical Magics for Tears and the Radiant Queens.
  • Princesses get nine dots of Charms in character creation, not five.
  • Added Practical Charms: a limited set of Charms a Princess may use while mundane.
  • Changed Sensitivity to a 2-stage scheme like breaking points.
  • Low Belief decreases the successes needed for a severe Haunting, instead of stretching out the Haunted Condition.
  • Buying an Invocation dot gives 2 free Charm upgrades.
  • Reworked Holy Shield for better Wisp efficiency.
  • Changed the Destiny Merit to the version in Mage 2e.
  • Added a way to turn an existing organization into a Nation.
  • Commonalty penalties rise, not fall, as organizations rise in Rank.
  • Removed the requirement to buy low-level Charms before high-level ones.
  • Standardized Skill enhancer Charms into two types: Favor (Skill) and Regalia. "9-again + Invocation in specialty" is gone.
  • Raised the power level of scads of Charms (just read the whole chapter.)
  • Added Appear Charm, Flash of Brilliance.
  • Added Connect Charm, Love Conquers All.
  • Added Govern Charms, Dreaming Vision and Forced Vows are No Vows.
  • Moved Data Wizard to Learn.
  • Added Learn Charm, Quid pro Quo.
  • Added the Umbra Darkness Enfolds.
  • Boosted the Caligines Loathsome Weapon, Vile Gobbets, Voidblast and Zombie's Flesh.
  • Added the Caligines Skinmask and Hope's Eclipse.
  • Simplified Dreamlands travel, Gale strengths, and Amanojaku possession.
  • Added a description of Princesses' Dream Forms.
  • Added the Phylactery Condition Blatant Transformation.
  • Added the Extreme Taint Tilt, for the effect of traveling in the Dark World.


  • Renamed vocational Camaraderies to Principalities.
  • Limited the Tomoyo's Touch Merit to one use/turn.
  • Rewrote the Sweet Fragrance Charm, changing its Condition to a Tilt.
  • Added the Appear Charm Goosedown Lullaby, and associated Tilts (Lullaby, Earworm).
  • Turned phantom damage into a Tilt that Know My Pain inflicts.
  • Added the Appear Charms Only a Flesh Wound and Strike False.
  • Rewrote Garden of Bright Images; it's now general, rated at 5 dots, and uses Sanctuary.
  • Added the Learn Charm True Names.
  • Clarified that Best Defense may be turned on or off by transformation actions.
  • Added Expedient upgrade to My Home is My Castle.
  • Separated Nations from the organization system: Nation Officer is now a variant of Mystery Cult Initiation, Nation Bond has been dropped, organization rules have moved to the antagonist chapter.
  • Added durations to several Caligines that lacked them.
  • Renamed the Sodality of Ocypete to the Sodality of the Harpuiai.
  • Added Embassy to Night.
  • Added the phylactery Condition Heartfelt Vow, and limited Unstable Transformation to involuntary triggers.
  • Weakened the Cowed Tilt.


  • Rewrote and expanded Chapter 1, "Noblesse Oblige", including material on Camaraderies.
  • Distinguished between "indefinite" and "lasting" Charm durations.
  • Added Palladion to Fight Charms.
  • Changed the effect of Befriending and added an upgrade, Slap Slap Kiss.
  • Merged Living Image, Bequeath and Catch a Falling Star into one Charm named Living Image. As a result, also simplified the rules for using Bequests.
  • Magical Eyes explicitly works through remote scrying Charms.
  • Changed Capitation to inflict Tainted on the target, and moved Willpower draining to an upgrade.
  • Removed Searching upgrade from Mirror Mirror.
  • Added Tsukumogami upgrade to Genius Loci.
  • Added Unearth the Foundations to Learn Charms.
  • Replaced Searching upgrade to Reflected Portents with Pastward.
  • Merged Fixed upgrade to Bubble Shield into the basic effect, and added Mobile and Unbroken upgrades.
  • Dropped Earthquake to Shape 3, Terra 2.
  • Added Diamonds are Forever to Shape Charms.
  • Separated triggers for Sensitivity from acts that create Taint.
  • Rewrote the Tainted Condition.
  • Clarified how Integrity and the Darkened Condition interact.
  • Separated Dethroned powers into Chains (tied to Inner Night dots) and Hexes (unrestricted).
  • Added paragraph on extended action Charms.
  • Raised the threshold for My Home is My Castle.


  • Added Minor Invoker to Noble-only Merits.
  • Added Charms Fists of Jade (Bless 3, Terra 2); Load Cartridge (Fight 3).
  • Added section "Inviting Corruption" to Tainted Places, giving rules for deliberately becoming Darkened.
  • Moved Darkened Condition to Conditions appendix.
  • Dropped Shadows requirements for Caligines and set their price to 2 Experiences/dot, matching Dread Powers in Hunter: the Vigil.
  • Extended Loathsome Weapon and Zombie's Flesh to 1-5 dots.
  • The first dot of Zombie's Flesh downgrades damage from mundane sources, except for jade.
  • Added 2-dot Caligo, Scapegoat.
  • The Sodality of Ocypete now teaches Scapegoat as the 5-dot Cult benefit.


  • The global cap on transformed dots limits Experiences, not dots.
  • Simplified the rules for penetrating Dual Identity.
  • Added a section "The Need for Discretion" on drawing attention from Dark beings; the Palace and Veiling Merits link to the system there.
  • Added sidebar "Freaking the Mundanes?" to the Charms introduction, on Integrity breaking points for seeing Noble magic.
  • Added Fluent and Literate upgrades to Mercury's Blessing, and changed the Charm's exceptional success benefit.
  • Lowered the costs of the Plagued and Corrupted upgrades to Purify.
  • Added Caligo: One of Us.


  • Princess Tutu is a Troubadour inspiration.
  • Added optional rule for splitting Skill dots at character creation.
  • Nobles are able to gain one Willpower from minor acts of Virtue.
  • Inner Strength rolls have results for dramatic failures and exceptional successes.
  • Added Royal Chariot upgrade to Outrace the Sun.
  • Added Fairy Dust upgrade to Wings of Air.
  • Added Joy Buzzer, a Shape Charm.
  • Changed the rules for Tainted areas; corruption checks follow from breaking points, instead of causing them.
  • Added a rule for the Dark World's draining effect outside Tainted areas.
  • Creatures of Darkness are able to gain one Willpower from minor acts of Vice.
  • Rewrote Cataphract transformations, deleting the "free choice of Umbrae" rule.
  • Cataphractoi now always have Subsumed by Another Shadow.
  • Added the Pleasure Principle and Sodality of Ocypete as Dark cults.
  • Added Duskhounds as sample Darkspawn.
  • Added Maria the Cleaner as a sample Cataphract.
  • Added Umbra: Grip Onto Your Fear.
  • Added Caligines: Night Air, Defiling Touch, Burying the Crime, Dark Thoughts Consume, Out of the Depths, Shadow Step.
  • Dropped Gathering Shadows to 1 dot.


  • Added high-Belief boosts for Tears' and Storms' Practical Magics.
  • Converted Beacons, Sworn and Shikigami to minor templates, and deleted the corresponding Merits.
  • Reworked the rules for creating Nations, with two different Merits (Nation Bond and Nation Officer) related to them.
  • Made the resolution of the Destined Condition more restrictive.
  • Gave Princesses an innate ability to notice Tainted areas on entry.
  • Gave Dark creatures an innate ability to notice Blessed areas on entry, for symmetry.
  • Reduced the font size in the PDF, cutting the page count.
  • Replaced chunks of missing text in the ePub file.


  • Slightly relaxed the requirements for the Beacon Merit.
  • Reduced the cost of the Bequest Merit by 1 dot.
  • Added conditions to use of the Bequeath Charm.
  • Limited the use of Accept Fealty as a Bequest.
  • Tweaked the rules for raising Echoes, and shortened the Tilt's duration.
  • Replaced the Dethroned Hex Spawn Familiar with Bind Familiar.


  • Wisp pools grow on the "accelerated" schedule of newer supernatural templates (and 2ed vampires.)
  • Added passive, persistent Echo effects, and converted the effect of raising an Echo to a Tilt.


  • Added Tomoyo's Touch Merit.
  • Added Undying Heart Caligo.
  • Added Sonic Rainbow upgrade to Wings of Air.
  • Changed Second Glance Wrongness.


  • Added the Charms Better Together, The Right Word, and My Prince Will Come.
  • Rewrote and renamed You Didn't Earn My Love to Now I'm a Believer.
  • Corrected inconsistent rules for Regalia, and put all Regalia rules in chapter 3.


  • New set of Belief compromise questions.
  • Multiple changes to Nations:
    • Formalized "send staff" and "send Assets" as ways for organizations to appear in play.
    • Replaced sacrificing Interest dots for Credit with sacrificing Assets for Credit.
    • Added Recruiting action to create new Assets.
    • Modified the Benefits Armed, Criminal, Legendary and Too Big to Fail.
    • Added Fortified and Jetset Benefits.
    • Combined Holy Ground, Dream Palace and Dream Message into a stacked Benefit.
    • Deleted the "PCs vs. Organizations" sidebar.


  • Rewrite of the Echoes rules.


  • Added Invoking for Willpower rule to Invocations.
  • Changed the Arcana for a mage to reach Alhambra to Space/Death.


  • Reworked Kensai, Levinbolt and Barrier Jacket to emphasize Damage/Armor over bonus dice/Defense.
  • Celestial Dance's upgrade Swift adds to Defense, Speed and Initiative.
  • Added Look Into the Future.
  • Increased the cost of Invocations to 2 (favored) or 3 (other) Experiences/dot, largely because of the combat Charm rework.


  • Damage from Fight Charm weapons is supernatural (so vampires don't downgrade it.)
  • Towering Inferno dropped to Fight 4.
  • Added Danmaku Dance to the Fight Charms.

T*weaked Scuttling Spider's Sense.


  • Replaced the second tenet of Spades' philosophy.
  • Added the Protectorate of Novaculite.
  • Renamed the Protectorate of Garnet to Pyrite.
  • Added the Umbra Corruption of Blood.
  • Rewrote the Caligo Venom of the Soul.


  • Changed the choices for Grace and Mender free transformed dots: Presence or Manipulation for Graces, Intelligence or Dexterity for Menders.
  • Added Umbral upgrade to Mirror Walk: teleports to/from Dark World image of a mirror in a Tainted area.
  • Added Royal Stature Charm in Perfect, with a chart of bonuses and penalties for Sizes 1-9.
  • Recast the organization rules in response to criticism.
  • Added blocking, merging and splitting as organization actions.
  • Added Obsolete Condition for organizations.
  • Diminutive Size and Grotesque Bulk refer to the chart in Royal Stature.
  • Changed Regenerate's dice pool to Intelligence + Medicine, and removed the implicit WP cost from Choke It Down.


  • Added the Noble Merits Second Calling and Troupe Magic.
  • Moved Sweet Fragrance to Appear.
  • Simplified All the World's a Stage.
  • Added Your Guardian Angel to the Fight Charms.
  • Added Stare Master (an Intimidation enhancer) to the Inspire Charms.
  • Added On With the Motley to the Inspire Charms.
  • Added Concealed upgrade to Barrier Jacket.
  • Added several organization Benefits, and changed Endowment to a mundane Benefit (you could now write stats for a Hunter Conspiracy with this.)
  • Added Organization Conditions, Indicted and Outlawed, for organizations in trouble with the legal authorities.


  • Rewrote Mantle of Authority; now it allows a Princess to use mundane Status Merits while transformed.
  • Weakened the Condition given by Sea-Foam's Touch.
  • Added Protectorate of Fused Quartz.
  • Overhauled the organization rules, using ideas from the primacy rules in Damnation City.


  • In Connect, added Animal Magnetism, an Animal Ken skill enhancer Charm.
  • In Inspire, added Fighting Evil by Moonlight and For the First Time.
  • Added cross-upgrade between Capitation and Seed of Light.
  • Switched the names of Gold Abhors Ebon and Light Over All.
  • In Learn, added Spirit Sight.


  • Added two invoked upgrades to Forgotten Lore, for researching spirits and ghosts.
  • Added Tracking upgrade (Aria) to Speed Racer.
  • Added Larceny skill enhancer charm, as Quicker Than the Eye.
  • Renamed Second Sight to Ghost Sight, and added the upgrade Ghost Touch.
  • Made all the skill enhancers general Charms.
  • In Woodland's Bounty, the Weatherproof upgrade is split in two: an Acqua upgrade for extreme cold, and a Fuoco upgrade for extreme heat. Tracking is still Legno.
  • In The Naked City, the Listening upgrade is now Terra.
  • Removed the Wisp cost for touching spirits from the Embassy to Ephemera.
  • Changed the fonts - tables and sidebars are in sans-serif.


  • Added the Taint Awareness Merit.
  • New rules for Echoes.
  • Split unseen sense from Forgotten Lore into the Reflected Light Charm.
  • Added Magical Eyes, a Govern 3 Charm.
  • Added Bubble Wrap, a Shape 1 Aria 1 Charm.
  • Replaced the Privileges for the Arcane Embassy.


  • Added A Host of Furious Fancies and Lightning Charge.
  • Reduced the benefit from We Rely on You to 1 banked die/success.
  • Replaced Whirlwind Stance with Shield Wall.
  • Modified Refutation in Arms and Salted Wounds.
  • Added the Umbra Scuttling Spider's Sense (giving it to Heartleeches.)
  • Added Anabel Heartsford as a sample character in the Ephemera Embassy.


  • Added Shape Charms Crucible, Dryad's Favor and Master Mason, and removed the Charms they subsume.
  • Added Broken Ground Tilt, and Earthquake now refers to it.
  • Added Unstable Transformation as a Phylactery Condition.



  • Added rule for changing Queens - the version of "leaving your Queen is a compromise".


  • Game now available in both PDF and ePub.


  • Clarified the Specchio drawback - the Condition is separate from the cost, and never waived.


  • Separated the "creature of Darkness" template from the Darkened Condition. The Condition still exists, because Darkened and Hopeful using the Empty Heart Charm are creatures of Darkness only temporarily, but the other creatures have the traits without the Condition.
  • Added a paragraph to the Fuoco Invocation describing it in general, parallel to the other Invocations.
  • Added lists of the Invocations and Charm families to the Character Creation section, with links.
  • Dropped the Invocation reference section.
  • Added the Swarm Tilt (lifted from the Demon draft) and references to it in appropriate Charms.
  • Moved the rules for Shikigami (apart from the Merit) to chapter 3.



  • Reworking of the Nation purchase rules into the Nation Officer Merit (a reskinned Mystery Cult Initiation).
  • New Shape Charm, My Home is My Castle.


  • First version using GMC rules update.