The Inspire Charm lifts people's hearts, sparks their passions, and exhorts them to action. Only Troubadours have affinity for it.

One-Dot CharmsEdit

All Together Now (Inspire •)

Upgrade: Emergency

Fire on the Mountain (•)

Upgrade: Inspirational
Upgrade: Magical
Upgrade: Sentimental

Hear Me, O Muse (•)

Upgrade: Cooperative

Razzle Dazzle (•)

Upgrade: Skeptical (Acqua ••)
Upgrade: Blathering (Aria ••)
Upgrade: Preaching (Fuoco ••)
Upgrade: Bargaining (Terra ••)
Upgrade: Seductive (Specchio ••)

Stare Master (•)

Upgrade: Third Degree (Acqua ••)
Upgrade: Staredown (Fuoco ••)
Upgrade: Berserk (Tempesta ••)

Two-Dot CharmsEdit

Carry On, My Wayward Son (••)

Upgrade: Collective

Fighting Evil by Moonlight (••)

Upgrade: Collective

For the First Time (••)

Upgrade: Collective

You Must Remember This (••, Acqua •)

Upgrade: Collective

Giggle at the Ghostie (••, Aria •)

Upgrade: Collective
Upgrade: Swift (Aria ••)

Fight Song (Inspire ••, Fuoco •)

Upgrade: Collective

Peace on Earth (••, Legno •)

Upgrade: Collective=

Queen's Sorrow (••, Lacrima ••)

Upgrade: Heavy (Lacrima •••)

Now I’m a Believer (••, Specchio ••)

Upgrade: Lasting (Specchio •••)

Three-Dot CharmsEdit

Don’t Stop Believing (•••)

Look Into the Future (•••)

Upgrade: Collective

Such a Lonely Word (Inspire •••, Acqua ••)

On With the Motley ••• (Aria ••)

Chariot of Fire (•••, Fuoco ••)

Upgrade: Intense
Upgrade: Rapid

Soothe the Savage Breast (•••, Legno ••)

Upgrade: Swarming

Comfortably Numb (•••, Lacrima •••)

She's So Fine (Inspire •••, Specchio ••)

Four-Dot CharmsEdit

Jumping Jack Flash (••••)

No Choice, No Hope (••••, Lacrima •••)

Upgrade: Collective (Lacrima ••••)

Consumed With Hate (••••, Tempesta •••)

Upgrade: Collective (Tempesta ••••)

Five-Dot CharmsEdit

Wearing a Heavy Crown (•••••, Terra ••••)

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