The Perfect Charms grant new personal abilities. Champions and Menders have affinity for them.

One-Dot CharmsEdit

Barrier Jacket (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

A Noble is always properly dressed. Of course, the proper dress for battle is usually armor. The Noble may alter her Regalia into protective clothing that grants her 1/1 Armor, covering her whole body. She may return to her unprotected but transformed state with a transformation action. The armor from Barrier Jacket does not stack with mundane armor, but it can stack with Charms or other powers that grant Armor in a less tangible form.

The Regalia bonus increases the Noble’s general (but not ballistic) Armor rating by her dots in the applied Invocation for one turn. Each Quality upgrade improves the Armor by +1/+1 before applying an Invocation. Infusing her armor with magic takes a few moments; applying an Invocation to Barrier Jacket imposes an extra -1 penalty to Initiative.

Upgrade: Fluid (Acqua •)Edit

The Noble’s armor blunts the force of bullets. When she applies Acqua to her Barrier Jacket, she adds her dots to both her general and ballistic Armor.

Upgrade: Sonic (Aria •)Edit

Instead of wrapping herself in armor, the Noble can sharpen her reflexes and enhance her ability to evade attacks. When she applies Aria to her Barrier Jacket, she may increase her passive Defense or her Dodge dice pool by her Aria, instead of increasing her Armor rating.

Upgrade: Fireproof (Fuoco •)Edit

The Noble’s armor can resist fires. During a turn in which she applies Fuoco to her Barrier Jacket, damage from fire does not bypass it, and fire damage exceeding its Armor rating is downgraded to bashing.

Upgrade: Healing (Legno •)Edit

The Noble’s armor soothes bruises and knits wounds together. When she applies Legno to her Barrier Jacket, she may split her dots between improving her Armor and healing herself. Each dot used to heal removes 1 point of bashing damage.

Upgrade: Saving (Terra •)Edit

The Noble’s armor protects her in the last extremity. When her last Health box is filled with bashing damage, applying Terra to her Barrier Jacket keeps her conscious. Moreover, if her Health track fills with lethal damage, she may apply Terra to avoid the point of damage each minute even if she is unconscious.

Upgrade: Fearsome (Lacrima •)Edit

The Noble’s armor gives her an ominous presence, promising doom to her foes. Once per turn, she may apply Lacrima reflexively to block an opponent’s close attack on her. The opponent must roll his Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance - the Noble’s Lacrima; if he fails, he cannot attack the Noble that turn, but doesn’t lose his action. The Noble triggers her Sensitivity the first time her armor prevents an attack during a scene.

Celestial Dance (•)Edit

Favor (Athletics)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, she moves with the grace and speed of an Olympian gymnast (detailed rules for tasks covered by Athletics may be found in Athletic Feats.

Although Athletics is used to calculate it, Defense is not an action, and Celestial Dance does not improve it. However, the Noble may apply an Invocation to her Dodge pool after doubling her Defense.

Upgrade: SwiftEdit

Stackable 3 times

The Noble moves a little faster than a normal human can, and avoids the strokes of her enemies. She adds +1 to her Defense, Speed and Initiative each time she takes this upgrade. At the start of a foot chase [CofD 84-85] the Noble reduces the successes she needs to pursue or evade by 1 for each time she took this upgrade.

Upgrade: Floating (Acqua •)Edit

Water and ice are the Noble’s allies; she moves in liquid or on slick surfaces unimpeded. In an area with the Blizzard [CofD 281] or Flooded Tilts [CofD 282] the Noble reduces the Tilt’s penalty to Physical actions by her Acqua. In an area with the Ice Tilt [CofD 284], the Noble suffers none of its effects - she can move at full speed, and takes no penalty to Physical actions. Moreover, she may spend 1 Wisp to add her Acqua to her Speed and Initiative for a scene, as long as she is swimming or stays within a Blizzard, Flooded or Ice Tilt.

Upgrade: Weightless (Aria •)Edit

The very air bears the Noble up whenever she leaves the ground. When she jumps and applies Aria to the roll, she multiplies the distance she travels by (1 + Aria) instead of adding Aria to her dice pool. When she falls [CofD 97] she may spend 1 Wisp reflexively to slow her fall; she takes no damage unless she reaches terminal velocity, and a fall at terminal velocity inflicts bashing, not lethal damage.

Upgrade: Heaving (Fuoco •)Edit

The Noble can lift and throw objects of great weight. She may apply Fuoco when lifting an object to increase her effective Strength by her dots, and adds her Fuoco in yards to the short range of her thrown objects [CofD 90]; her medium and long range increase in proportion. Moreover, she can spend 1 Wisp to throw an object she has lifted, even if its Size exceeds her Strength.

Upgrade: Gripping (Legno •)Edit

In high places, the Noble cannot put a hand or foot in the wrong place. When climbing, she reduces penalties from a sheer or slick surface by her Legno dots. If she falls while climbing or within reach of a surface, she may roll Dexterity + Athletics to grip the surface and stop her fall altogether; a fall from a climb, if stopped, is only 10 feet. Moreover, if she spends 1 Wisp, her hands and feet hold fast to any surface; she can move along walls and ceilings as easily as on floors.

Speed Racer (•)Edit

Favor (Drive)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble is at the wheel, a car responds to her directions almost as if it were alive.

Upgrade: UndentedEdit

The Noble fends off blows to her vehicle as if it was her own body. She may reflexively spend 1 Wisp to reduce damage to a vehicle she is driving; after subtracting Durability, the vehicle takes only 1 point of damage if it takes any. If a source of aggravated damage hits the vehicle, she may spend 1 Wisp to subtract its Durability from the damage done, or 2 Wisps to reduce the damage to 1 point.

Upgrade: Tracking (Aria ••)Edit

The Noble can easily keep track of other cars when she’s behind the wheel. When she is shadowing someone, or being shadowed, while driving [CofD 72] her opponent in the contest takes a penalty on his roll equal to her Aria, and she may spend a Wisp to achieve an exceptional success on 3 successes.

Upgrade: Supercharged (Fuoco ••)Edit

The Noble coaxes her vehicle’s engine to perform beyond its normal ability. She may spend 1 Wisp to apply a number of modifications to the vehicle she is driving [CofD 99] up to her Fuoco, chosen from +1 dice modifier, +5 Speed, removing the Slow Acceleration tag, and adding the High Acceleration tag. The modifications last until the Noble stops driving the vehicle. The vehicle’s total modifications (installed or Charm-added) are limited to twice the Noble’s Crafts dots.

Upgrade: Undaunted (Fuoco ••)Edit

Requires Undented and Barrier Jacket

The Noble sheathes the vehicle she drives in her own armor. If she activates Barrier Jacket while driving a vehicle, it also adds the Jacket’s general Armor rating to the vehicle’s Durability, and the Durability of any part of the vehicle. Applying Fuoco to her Barrier Jacket (but not other Invocations) adds the Noble’s Fuoco dots to its Durability for one turn. If her Jacket is Fireproof, the vehicle’s fuel will not burn anywhere except in the engine; applying Fuoco keeps the vehicle from combusting, no matter how intense the fire.

The Jacket vanishes (removing both her personal armor and the vehicle’s Durability boost) if the Noble stops driving the vehicle, or when the scene ends.

Woodland's Bounty (•)Edit

Favor (Survival)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, she walks through a wilderness as if it were her own home.

Upgrade: Arctic (Acqua •)Edit

The Noble may dance in a snowstorm as if it were a cool spring day. She reduces the effective level of an extreme cold environment [CofD 97] by 1 for each dot in Acqua while she is transformed, and the Extreme Cold Tilt [CofD 282] does not affect her.

Upgrade: Fasting (Legno •)Edit

The Light sustains the Noble in barren wilderness and keeps her body pure. She may apply Legno to her rolls to resist the effects of fatigue, drugs, poisons and diseases. Moreover, if she spends 1 Wisp, she does not require food or water as long as she stays transformed; she does not take damage from deprivation or progress towards taking such damage, and she can heal any deprivation damage she's already taken.

Upgrade: Tropical (Fuoco •)Edit

For the Noble, the heat of noonday in a desert is no more than a mild caress. She reduces the effective level of an extreme heat environment by 1 for each dot in Fuoco while she is transformed, and the Extreme Heat Tilt [CofD 282] does not affect her.

Upgrade: Tracking (Legno ••)Edit

The Noble’s nose grows sensitive, nearly as much as a dog’s. She may apply her Legno to Perception rolls based on smell and taste, and to rolls to smell out a target while blind. Also, she is able to track things by scent Perfect 181- she can follow trails over hard ground, that most people can’t even see, and she can take scents from people’s clothing, giving her a equipment bonus to track them. Scent tracking is a contested action using Wits + Survival vs. Wits + Composure; it can also be resolved as a chase [CofD 84-86].

Penetrating Eye (Perfect •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Wits + Crafts - Durability
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble looks through solid objects, seeing what lies beyond them. When activating the Charm, she chooses a Durability level.

Dramatic Failure: The Charm works too well; the Noble looks through everything, and sees nothing properly. She takes the Blinded Tilt [CofD 281] as if blinded in one eye.
Failure: The Noble sees normally.
Success: Objects with a Durability less than or equal to the level the Noble chose become transparent to her eyes whenever she wishes to see what lies behind them. (This reduces the benefit of opaque cover [CofD 92] to the same as transparent cover.) If the Noble wants to look through two or more objects at once (say, a wardrobe and the wall behind it) the sum of all the objects’ Durabilities can’t exceed the level she chose; her vision stops at the first object that would take the combined Durabilities over the limit.
Exceptional Success: Add 1 to the level of Durability the Noble can see through.

Note that thin sheets of material, such as paper, most fabric or metallic foil, have Durability 0.

Read the Wind (•, Aria •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Wits + Composure
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

The air touches all things. Flowing and all-encompassing, it feels the shapes of objects by where it is not. Dramatic Failure: The Noble becomes sure that something is watching her. She gains the Nervous Condition.

Failure: The Noble is limited to her normal senses.
Success: The Noble enjoys a reflexive knowledge of her surroundings, up to a range of 5x her successes in yards. This applies to 360 degrees around her. This ability is not sight, but an additional sense. The additional sense has a resolution of about 1/2" (2 centimeters) and the Noble knows the shapes, sizes, textures and positions of all objects in the area within that level of detail. It does not provide color; a book appears identical whether filled with profane words or chick-lit, although in the former case, a Wits + Crafts roll may be permitted to identify the characteristic texture of human skin binding the book.
The sense only works if air-currents can flow between the Noble and an object; she can’t use it to perceive what is in an air-tight box, although the fact that the draft coming from the floorboards is actually the result of an underground dungeon may be useful. The sense provides no advantage when the Noble is not immersed in a gas (most commonly air); being under water is probably the most common case of this. Her rolls to avoid being surprised by people in range of the additional sense ignore penalties from lack of vision - darkness, fog, or just having her back turned.
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s new sense makes her eye especially acute. She gets a +2 bonus on all Perception rolls until the Charm ends.

Beauty is Talented (•, Specchio •)Edit

Requires Striking Looks
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Presence + Composure
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: successes in turns

Don’t you know that beautiful people are just better than you? Pretty people are stronger, faster, smarter, more talented than regular people.

Dramatic Failure: If she isn’t more talented, the Noble must not be beautiful ... for the rest of the scene, she gets no benefit from her Striking Looks, even on dice pools the Merit normally helps.
Failure: The Noble’s Striking Looks affect just the dice pools they normally do.
Success: For one turn per success the Noble can add her Striking Looks bonus to any roll. In situations where Striking Looks usually applies this Charm does not stack the bonus with itself.
Exceptional Success: While the Charm lasts the Noble gains an additional +1 bonus to dice pools her Striking Looks normally apply to.

Two-Dot CharmsEdit

Hang By a Thread (Perfect ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Strength + Athletics
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble creates long vines, ribbons or woven lines that tie themselves to any surface she hurls them to.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble entangles herself in the cords she creates. She takes either the Arm Wrack [CofD 280] or Leg Wrack [CofD 285] Tilt (in the one-limb form) until the scene ends.
Failure: No cords appear.
Success: Until the Charm ends, the Noble can extend some part of her Regalia into cords of considerable length. She can throw a cord at a target, using the rules for a thrown weapon [CofD 90] but with a short range of (Strength + Dexterity + Athletics) * 2 yards; if she hits, the cord attaches itself to the target with roots, hooks, knots or glue. The cords’ lengths equal the Noble’s long range when throwing one, plus a yard or two of slack, and are always attached to the Noble. If anyone tries to cut a cord, its Durability and Structure is that of her Regalia; it will disintegrate if successfully cut.
Once a cord is attached, the Noble can detach it as a reflexive action, or change its length by up to twice her Speed instead of moving. If the cord is tied to a fixed structure or an object too heavy for her to move, reeling in the cord pulls the Noble toward it, and she can swing from the cord while carrying anything she can lift without effort. If the cord is attached to a object she can move, reeling it in pulls the attached object toward the Noble. If the cord is attached to a character, reeling it in brings the Noble and her target together; if both try to stand still each reflexively rolls Strength + Athletics, and the contest’s loser moves toward the winner (reroll ties.)
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s cords grow longer and lighter. Her short range when throwing them is (Strength + Dexterity + Athletics) * 3 yards.

Valiant Mind (Perfect ••)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Noble is the captain of her soul; she does not allow anyone to violate it. She may use a transformation action to raise or lower a shield against attempts to intrude into her mind. While the shield is up, any supernatural powers that read, alter, or communicate with the Noble’s mind provoke a Clash of Wills. If she realizes her mind is being attacked, the Noble may apply an Invocation to her dice pool in the Clash.

Wreathed in Flame (••, Fuoco •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Presence + Athletics
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: successes in turns

Passion for her beloved ignites in a fiery nimbus, burning anyone who interferes with the Noble.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble sets herself on fire; the Charm’s nimbus burns her once as it would burn what she touched has she succeeded.
Failure: The Noble sheds a few sparks that go out without igniting anything.
Success: The Noble chooses someone she holds in affection. For one turn per success, her flesh and anything she wears or carries is a source of flame, of a color and Intensity set by the affection’s nature and strength (see the Heartfire Condition for details.) Anyone and anything that touches the Noble is burnt as by a torch-sized fire of the given Intensity [CofD 98] as is anyone or anything she touches that was not on her person when she used the Charm. The Noble may try to touch an opponent in combat to burn them, instead of attacking them, but an attack does not burn her target even if she damages him.
Exceptional Success: The nimbus burns as hotly as a bonfire.

Upgrade: BankedEdit

The Noble can temporarily suppress the flames, allowing her to handle things without burning them.

Upgrade: GrantedEdit

The Noble can turn someone else’s passion into an aura of flame. She must know of someone the target holds in affection; when she touches him, he gains a fiery nimbus exactly as if he had activated the Charm himself.

Upgrade: WildEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The fires leap with the Noble’s strikes; each time she successfully damages an opponent in close combat, he is burnt as if she had only touched him.

Composed Come What May (••, Terra ••)Edit

Action: Permanent

Elegance is not a pretty gown and tasteful jewelry; it’s a state of mind and the Noble knows how to be elegant when up to her elbows in mud. Any sensory effect that would grant her a negative situational modifier to social rolls is reduced by her Composure. A Noble who is covered in blood (-5) and has Composure 2 will only take a -3 penalty.

This Charm does not prevent a Noble from looking bad, it merely allows her to overcome its effects with grace and poise. Additionally because elegance is a state of mind a Noble must be in the right state of mind to use this power. If she cannot justify her appearance then she cannot benefit from this Charm. Being covered in mud because you were searching for a missing child and didn’t have time to change is fine; turning up in dirty clothes because you’d rather sleep in than wash isn’t.

Empty Heart (••, Lacrima •)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Stamina + Persuasion
Cost: 1 Wisp, Sensitivity check at +2
Duration: 1 scene or 1 night

The Noble becomes a being of Darkness, a manifestation of the Void. Her skin becomes sallow, her hair either whitens or darkens, depending on how light it was to begin with, and her pupils expand to fill the entire eye, making her look unhealthy but undeniably human.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble only attracts the Darkness. She reaches a breaking point, at a -2 penalty.
Failure: The Noble’s appearance shifts as above for a few seconds, without further effect.
Success: The Noble takes the Darkened Condition, with all its benefits and drawbacks, except that she keeps her normal Sensitivity and suffers Hauntings when it is triggered. The Condition ends without resolving at the end of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The Darkened Condition ends at the next sunrise.

Upgrade: Umbral (Lacrima ••+)Edit

Stackable (7 - Belief) times

If the Noble has dots in Shadows when she uses the Charm, she may assume Umbrae]] up to her current dots. Each time she takes this upgrade, the Noble learns a new Umbra; she may choose freely among the Umbrae she knows when using the Charm. The first and second purchases require Lacrima 2, the third and fourth require Lacrima 3, and any further purchases require Lacrima 4.

Best Defense (••, Tempesta •)Edit

Action: Permanent

The best defense is a good offense. When the Noble transforms, she may add power to her muscles, striking harder and moving more swiftly; she applies Tempesta to add her dots in it to her Strength, and recalculates all derived traits.

Best Defense is not compatible with Barrier Jacket, or any other supernatural effect that gives Armor; it is also not compatible with any other supernatural effect that increases Strength. The Noble may dismiss or restore her augmented Strength during a transformation action, as she does with Regalia.

Persistently Peachy Pretty Perfect (••, Specchio •)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Noble is so stunning the universe itself cannot bear to mar her exquisite form. Any sensory effect that would grant her a negative situational modifier to social rolls, if her Specchio is equal to or greater than the modifier, is automatically nullified. For example a Noble with Specchio 2 is sprayed with mud by a passing car. Since this only gives a -2 penalty it is magically prevented, not a drop of mud sticks to the Noble. This effect protects the Noble from humiliation on all five senses, she won’t smell of mud, nor will her skin feel muddy to the touch.

Only the effects on appearance are protected. A Noble with Specchio 5 might be able to walk through miles of raw sewage and still look and smell fresh as a daisy afterwards but she is not protected from catching horrible diseases.

Three-Dot CharmsEdit

Outrace the Sun (•••)Edit

Requires Celestial Dance with Swift
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Athletics
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble can reach the speeds of a car on the open road.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble trips over her own feet and falls. If in battle, she takes the Stunned Tilt [CofD 286].
Failure: The Noble moves normally.
Success: Until the Charm ends, the Noble follows the rules for vehicles when moving [CofD 98-99]. Her safe Speed is (Strength + Dexterity + Athletics) x10. She rolls Dexterity + Athletics to keep control of her movements whenever a driver would roll Dexterity + Drive to control a vehicle; her Dice Modifier, when that applies, is -1. If the Noble collides with another object she can be the light object in the crash. If the Charm ends, and the Noble is moving faster than her normal running Speed, she takes bashing damage equal to one- tenth her current Speed and is Knocked Down [CofD 284] by the sudden stop.
Exceptional Success: The Noble gets up to speed as quickly as a sports car. She gains the High Acceleration tag until the Charm ends.

Upgrade: Royal ChariotEdit

The Noble can grab other people and drag them along behind her; the wind of her passage lifts them up, rather like kites on a string. The Noble may take along a number of people up to her Strength dots. The people dragged along form a human chain with the Noble in the lead, and as long as each person in the chain keeps his grip, the whole chain is safe. However, each time the Noble has to roll to control her movements, each person behind her must also roll Dexterity + Athletics. Anyone who fails this roll, and anyone behind them in the chain, loses their grip and is thrown free, with the results of a sudden stop. If the Noble crashes everyone she carries is thrown free.

Naiad's Paths (•••, Acqua ••)Edit

Requires Celestial Dance with Floating
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Resolve + Athletics
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

In all its forms, water will support the Noble wherever she might wish to go.

Dramatic Failure: The Charm stops working when the Noble is standing on a particularly deep pool, dropping her into the water (or somewhere as inconvenient as that, at the Storyteller’s discretion.) The Noble cannot use the Charm again for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Noble gains no ability to walk on liquids or atop snow.
Success: As long as the Charm lasts, the Noble walks on the surface of any liquid, or along the top of a snowbank, as if it were solid ground, without sinking in. Running water can throw the Noble off balance or carry her with it; the Storyteller may call for Athletics actions to stay upright in white water, for example, if the Noble tries to walk on it. The Noble may end the Charm prematurely if she wants to get under water. If she uses the Charm while submerged, the Noble will rise to the surface at her maximum running Speed.
Exceptional Success: The Noble can turn the Charm on and off during the scene without ending it, walking on water or swimming in it as she pleases.

Feel the Burn (Perfect •••, Fuoco ••)Edit

Requires Celestial Dance with Heaving
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Strength + Stamina
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble shatters even the sturdiest objects with her forceful blows.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble's muscles cramp, burning with pain. She takes the Arm Wrack Tilt in her dominant hand, lasting for the rest of the scene, and can’t use the Charm until it wears off.
Failure: The Noble's strength is unaffected.
Success: The Noble's muscles burn with energy. Until the Charm ends, whenever she damages an object, she ignores points of its Durability up to her Fuoco.
Exceptional Success: In addition to the normal effect, all the Noble's rolls to break, lift or throw objects gain the 9-again quality.

Adaptation (Perfect •••, Legno ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Stamina + Survival
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: until detransformation

To live is to change; to be perfect, one must change often. Wherever the Noble may go, she changes as she must to be in harmony with her surroundings.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble strains her body or gives herself an allergy; she takes the Sick Tilt [CofD 286] and may not use this Charm for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Noble does not adapt.
Success: For each success, the Noble gains one of the following benefits until she returns to mundane form.
  • She subtracts one from the effective level of an extreme environment (this may be taken up to 4 times.)
  • When resisting disease, drugs, poison or fatigue, she adds +2 to her roll (this may be taken twice.)
  • She doubles the time that she can hold her breath (this may be taken up to 3 times.)
  • She swims in water at her full Speed on land.
  • Her skin and clothes take the color of her surroundings; Perception rolls to notice her take a -2 penalty.
  • In a social setting, she behaves properly by instinct; she gains a +1 bonus to Socialize dice pools (this may be taken up to 3 times.)
  • She can walk untouched on streets stalked by human predators; mundane characters must spend a Willpower point to initiate violence on her.
Exceptional Success: Extra successes are their own reward.

Four-Dot CharmsEdit

Royal Stature (••••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Unrolled
Cost: (change in Size + 1) Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble can assume titanic sizes, or shrink herself until she is no bigger than a mouse. When she activates the Charm, the Noble may alter her Size to any value, from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 dots more than her natural Size. When the Charm ends the Noble returns to her natural Size; she may end the Charm at any time with a transformation action, or by reactivating it. The cost of activating the Charm is always measured from the Noble’s current Size.

Changing one’s Size modifies several other traits; see Size Changes for details.

Wings of Air (••••, Aria •••)Edit

Requires Celestial Dance with Weightless
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Wits + Athletics
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble is wrapped in the air’s gusty embrace, and takes to the skies as a leaf on the breeze.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble becomes horribly dizzy and confused. She gains the Lost Condition [CofD 289] and cannot use the Charm until it’s resolved.
Failure: The Noble remains earthbound.
Success: The Noble begins to fly, simple as that. Her Speed in the air equals 5 + Strength + Dexterity + Aria. The Charm keeps her afloat until she touches a surface that can bear her weight, then ends leaving her properly balanced. If the Noble is airborne at the end of the scene, she drifts downward until she touches a surface, and takes no damage from the fall.
Exceptional Success: The Noble can rest on solid surfaces without ending the Charm; no matter where she goes, she can fly until the end of the scene.

Upgrade: Fairy DustEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble wraps the air’s embrace around her friends to bring them with her. She may take along a number of people up to her Strength dots. The people dragged along form a human chain with the Noble in the lead, and as long as each person in the chain keeps his grip, the whole chain is safe. However, anyone who lets go starts to fall, along with anyone behind them, and is not protected by the Charm.

If the Noble hasn’t reached her passenger limit, she can try to catch someone in mid-fall. She must be within her flying Speed in yards and succeed on a Dexterity + Athletics roll, with a penalty of -1 for each turn the other person has been falling, to bring them into the Charm’s protection.

Upgrade: Sonic RainbowEdit

While flying the Noble may spend a Wisp to increase her speed enormously, at the cost of precision. If she does so, she uses the rules for Outrace the Sun while she flies. Returning to her regular flying speed costs nothing but the time it takes to decelerate.

Skinchange (••••, Legno •••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Animal Ken - difference in Sizes
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: until detransformation

A mysterious wolven tongue invites. Wouldn’t these ears suit you? Would not this proud long snout assist you in the hunt?

Dramatic Failure: The Noble’s body contorts painfully. She takes bashing damage equal to her Legno and cannot use the Charm until that damage is healed.
Failure: The Noble remains in her own shape.
Success: The Noble assumes the shape of a beast. The new shape is of one particular species of animal; her mundane Physical Attributes become equal to those of a normal animal of that species, while her Mental and Social Attributes, and her Skills, remain unchanged. The Noble’s transformed dots still apply, and she gains the animal’s natural abilities and attacks, and the ability to communicate with other animals of the species. She may also activate Charms in animal form.
The Noble cannot, however, speak any human language except the Royal Tongue unless the animal is able to mimic human speech (like a parrot); she takes penalties on any task that calls for hands, unless the animal has them (like a monkey) or capable manipulators (an octopus’ tentacles); and her Regalia are transformed away and unavailable. Finally, any object she picked up after transforming out of mundane form does not change with her.
Exceptional Success: The Noble retains the ability to speak a human language while in beast form.

The Noble may change into the form of any animal she can touch. She may also commit an animal’s form to memory by carefully studying it for at least a minute, and change to that form later; she can memorize a number of forms up to her Legno, and forget a form to learn a new one.

She subtracts the difference between her normal Size and the animal’s Size from the activation roll when using the Charm. She may remain in beast form as long as she can remain transformed normally, and may end the Charm at any time with a standard transformation action or by returning to mundane form.

Five-Dot CharmsEdit

Caryatid’s Kiss (•••••, Terra ••••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Stamina + Survival
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

With a shout, the Noble’s flesh and clothes become beautifully-sculpted, flawless marble, and she continues the fight as an animated statue.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble changes into an immovable stone statue. She takes the Immobilized Tilt [CofD 284]; breaking free requires cracking the stone, which has a Durability equal to her Terra. Fortunately the stone also provides cover, and if any damage from an attack reaches the Noble through the stone, the stone cracks and releases her.
Failure: The Noble keeps her normal flesh.
Success: Despite being stone, the Noble still speaks, thinks, and acts normally, but does not need to breathe or eat; her Speed is halved, and her weight is multiplied by five. She gains dots of general Armor equal to the activation successes, which stack with any Armor from other sources, magical or mundane. Any damage dealt to the Noble by a mundane weapon is downgraded to bashing damage, and she takes no damage at all from being engulfed in fire or exposed to radiation.
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s stone body moves as gracefully as if it were flesh. Her Speed is not reduced.

Shadowmask (•••••, Lacrima •••)Edit

Requires Empty Heart
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Resolve + Stealth
Cost: 2 Wisps, Sensitivity check at +4
Duration: 1 scene or 1 night

Wrapping herself in the darkness in which the only true remnants of the Kingdom reside, the Noble becomes a true, immaterial figure of shadow. Glowing eyes may glare from the head of the figure, or it may be a featureless mask. Occasionally, long-lost stars twinkle within the cut-out from the universe, before being swiftly extinguished. Certainly, there is no way that she could be mistaken for human.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble only attracts the Darkness. She reaches a breaking point, at a -4 penalty.
Failure: The Noble is not changed.
Success: The Noble becomes a living figure of shadow for the rest of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The Noble may become a figure of shadow until the next sunrise, changing between that form and any others she possesses as if it were her transformed state.

As a figure of shadow, the Noble is immaterial; only beings who can touch things in Twilight can get any grip on her, and she passes through material objects like a ghost. She may do damage to people or objects by moving part of herself through them; resolve this as a close combat attack, rolling Strength + Lacrima. The target’s Defense reduces this pool, and Armor (or Durability) cancels successes, as with a normal attack. If she hits, she deals bashing damage ... and the target loses 1 Willpower point. The Noble cannot touch or move any material things without magic, or interact with them in any way other than damaging them. She can still speak, however; when interacting with mundane characters, she applies her Lacrima as a bonus to Intimidation rolls, and as a penalty to all other Social dice pools.

A light source is painful to approach or pass through; the Noble must roll Resolve + Composure to do so. Moreover, any source of damage based on light or heat (e.g. fire, industrial lasers, and some magical attacks) damages her as if she were material. If she ever takes more than 3 damage at once from one source, the cloak of shadows shreds and she must immediately return to a solid form; she also loses 1 Willpower point from the psychic shock. This ends the Charm unless she got an exceptional success, and even then the Noble may not assume the shadow form for 1 scene or during the daytime.

Until the Charm ends, the Noble gains the Darkened Condition, whether or not she is currently in shadow form. She does not, however, gain Umbrae as she would if she used Empty Heart, and she may not use Empty Heart before Shadowmask ends.

One Perfect Woman (•••••, Specchio ••••)Edit

Avatar (Mirrors)
Action: Instant and contested
Dice pool: Presence + Persuasion vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance, modified by Commonalty
Cost: 3 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

The true heir to the Kingdom, according to the Queen of Mirrors, is a living personification of the Light itself - her word becomes truth, her actions mighty, her presence a bastion of hope across the land. Mirrors’ avatar, who may be that heir someday, can assume the heir’s attributes for a time, when her followers need her. The Noble uses this Charm on members of an organization over which she has some influence or authority, none of whom are Hopeful; the member with the best Composure rolls to resist.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble offends her targets. She gains the Notoriety Condition [CofD 290] applying to Social dealings with them.
Failure: If the Noble does not win the contest, she gets no more charisma than she had already.
Success: If the Noble gets more successes - even just one - she gains a personal presence and magnetism that sways all who see or hear her; she has the benefits of Striking Looks •• and Royal Tongue until the Charm ends. (If she has Striking Looks or Royal Tongue already, these effects don’t stack with them.) This magnetism is even stronger on the people she targeted; they perceive the Noble as a paragon, the epitome of beauty and charm. When dealing with them, the Noble gains a +5 bonus on any roll to which Striking Looks applies, instead of the Merit’s bonus.
In fact, the attraction is so strong that the targets will, if the Noble desires, surrender their drive and determination to her. The Noble may spend the targets’ Willpower points as if they were her own, or convert their Willpower into Wisps at a 1:1 ratio. She may take Willpower from any one person up to her margin of success on the activation roll. Points taken in this way must be spent immediately; the Noble cannot use them to refill her personal Willpower or pool of Wisps. Targets reduced to 0 Willpower are crushed by a profound awareness of their inferiority and obligation to the Noble - nothing they might do could equal what this paragon accomplishes in a moment. (Whether they’ll feel the same once they’ve recovered some Willpower is up to the Storyteller.) Taking Willpower from anyone without permission is a compromise with a -3 penalty.
Exceptional Success: The charisma granted by the Charm persists even after it ends. At the end of the scene the Noble gains the Connected Condition [CofD 288] to the organization she enchanted.