The Shape Charms shape materials as you will, or make things out of nothing. Menders and Troubadours have affinity for them.

One-Dot CharmsEdit

Always Prepared (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Noble adds a multi-tool to her Regalia. The Regalia bonus applies to any Crafts action that does not require heavy equipment to attempt, including the making, repairing and upgrading of physical tools with the Build Equipment action. [CofD 100-102] In a pinch, the multi-tool can be used as an improvised weapon, doing lethal damage; the Regalia bonus applies to this use, but the Quality bonus does not.

Upgrade: ToolsmithEdit

When extensive work requiring heavy machinery is called for, the Noble can whistle up just the right gadget out of thin air. She spends 1 Wisp to create a tool no larger than Size 5, or 2 Wisps for a tool up to Size 10, which will allow her to carry out a Crafts action for which proper equipment is not available. The Regalia and Quality bonuses apply to the action the tool is made for. When the action resolves, the tool disintegrates into a cloud of sparks.

Upgrade: Sparking (Fuoco •)Edit

The Noble's multi-tool includes a lighter that never runs out of fuel. She can start a fire with a candle's Intensity just by touching the fuel with her tool. If she needs more intense heat she can spend Wisps; each Wisp increases the resulting fire’s Intensity by 1 step, up to the level of a chemical fire.

Bubble Shield (•)Edit

Action: Reactive
Dice pool: Stamina + Crafts - shield’s radius in yards
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 turn

The Noble manifests a protective shield around a circular area. She may create the shield around any area within sight, taking a penalty on the activation roll equal to the area’s radius in yards, and may do so in response to any action taken by another character within her line of sight.

The Noble may forgo her Defense for a turn to create Bubble Shields as reflexive actions during that turn; if she does not do so, using the Charm takes her action for the turn.

Dramatic Failure: The shield fails to appear, and the Noble leaves herself open to attack. She has -2 to

her Defense this turn; if she sacrificed Defense, she loses her action this turn.

Failure: The shield does not appear.
Success: The shield appears, taking the form of a spherical section with the area’s radius. It will not cut through any solid object; if it encounters one it will stop at the object’s surface. If there are no obstacles the shield simply forms a perfect sphere. The shield is not subject to the force of gravity - as long as it exists, it stays exactly where the Noble created it.
The shield blocks both movement and attacks through itself, in either direction, until the Charm ends. Unlike normal objects the shield has no Durability, but it has a Structure of 3x the activation successes; attacks made on targets on its other side are absorbed by the shield until the last Structure point is gone. (Should this happen the shield breaks, ending the Charm.) Damage in excess of the shield’s Structure passes through to the intended target normally.
Exceptional Success: The shield will take a great deal of punishment before breaking.

If a Noble uses Bubble Shield to protect the same area as her next action, the new shield replaces the old with no gap of time.

Upgrade: AdamantEdit

The shield behaves like a normal material, with Durability and Structure both equal to the activation successes. It provides transparent cover [CofD 92] against all attacks that must pass through it, in either direction, but does not absorb such attacks. Removing the shield’s last point of Structure breaks it and ends the Charm, as before.

Upgrade: LastingEdit

Duration: Inner Light turns

The shield endures for several actions before it must be renewed.

Upgrade: PartialEdit

The shield can be shaped to cover parts of the circle, without surrounding the whole area; it can also be shaped as a flat plane.

Upgrade: Rainbow (Acqua •)Edit

The shield manifests as an iridescent film, which bends light and hides the things inside it. It acts as concealment, imposing a penalty equal to half the Noble’s Aqua (rounding upwards). If Adamant is also applied, the shield instead provides opaque cover against attacks that pass through it.

Upgrade: Mobile (Aria •)Edit

The Noble can create shields around a person or object. When she does so the shield remains centered on her target as long as it exists, no matter how the target moves.

Upgrade: Unbroken (Terra •)Edit

If the shield meets a solid surface it will extend along that surface as a coating instead of stopping at it, taking the shape with the least area. For instance, if made in a room, the shield will coat the floor and enclose any furniture or people standing on it.

Upgrade: Beauteous (Specchio •)Edit

Like a brilliant pearl, the shield gleams richly in the light of the Noble’s soul. Against such beauty, who dares raise a hand? All sapient or sentient beings must pass a Resolve + Composure roll, with a penalty equal to the lower of the Noble’s Inner Light or Specchio Invocation, to break the shield or attack anyone through it.

Wellspring (•, Acqua •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Science
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: lasting

The Noble draws fresh water out of the earth. If she is not touching solid ground, the Charm fails.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble becomes desperately thirsty. She takes 1 bashing damage from dehydration, which does not heal until she finds something to drink.
Failure: The ground stays dry.
Success: For each activation success, 1 pint of pure fresh water wells up from the ground.
Exceptional Success: The Noble creates a lot of water.

Upgrade: PurifiedEdit

Other liquids turn into fresh water as the Noble stirs them. Each success turns 1 gallon of liquid into drinkable water. The Noble need not be touching the ground to change an existing liquid.

Upgrade: FlavoredEdit

The Noble may create any liquid that is safe for humans to drink. Each success draws up 1/2 pint of the drink she desires. If she applies Purified, each success transmutes 1/2 gallon of a liquid into something drinkable.

Upgrade: Oily (Acqua ••)Edit

Requires Flavored
Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble may now create any organic compound that is liquid at current temperatures, at the same rates as Flavored. For this purpose, a chemical is "organic" if it’s either produced by a living organism, or contains carbon and no atoms of a metallic element. The Noble takes a penalty on her dice pool equal to the Availability rating of the liquid she wants to create.

Bubble Wrap (•, Aria •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Wits + Survival
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: Inner Light minutes

A Noble needs to breathe, but fresh air may not be always available. When this happens, she may just make her own.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble doesn’t manage to weave an adequate protection. She takes the Drowning Tilt, and can’t attempt to cast this Charm again until it’s resolved.
Failure: The Noble fails to create a bubble sturdy enough for her purposes.
Success: The Noble weaves a sturdy, clear bubble around her head with her magic. The construct magically filters the surrounding atmosphere so that inside its protection the Noble can always enjoy a breath of clean, fresh air. At the moment the Charm would end, the Noble may reflexively spend a Wisp to lengthen its duration by Inner Light minutes without rolling to reactivate it.
Exceptional Success: The bubble is woven so well it lasts an extra minute initially, and each time a Wisp is spent.

Upgrade: Puff UpEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble is so proud of her powers she can make the bubble swell! By paying an additional Wisp when activating the Charm she can extend the area it covers to a radius up to Aria yards, centered on herself. The Bubble does not prevent the movement of anything but harmful gases, and anything else can harmlessly enter and leave its confines.

Joy Buzzer (•, Aria ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Stamina + Science
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

Breaking through haughty pride is often a daunting task, but fortunately many tools exist to help. Some of them happen to be more... physical than others.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble manages to shock herself. She takes bashing damage equal to her Aria and cannot use the Charm again for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Noble doesn’t build up a charge.
Success: The Noble gives her body a charge of static electricity, and can control when and where it discharges. She has a pool of charges equal to her successes, and may release a number of them up to her Stamina into anything she touches. Normally this is an instant unrolled action, but it can be combined with a touch action if used on a moving target. The charges are basically harmless but quite distracting to a living being; a targeted person or animal takes a -1 penalty on their next action for each charge they receive, unless they happen to be electrically grounded. Someone who is insulated will be shocked the next time they ground themselves, and take the penalty then.
Alternatively, if an object would actually benefit from receiving a jolt, the Noble can use her charges to add a bonus to actions involving that object. Used this way, each charge spent gives a +1 bonus to a single action.
Exceptional Success: The Noble can produce powerful jolts. She may release up to her Stamina + Aria charges in a single touch.

The Noble can carry up to her Stamina times her Aria charges of electricity at a time, usually from multiple activations of the Charm. Any successes in excess of this limit discharge into the Noble herself, penalizing her next action.

Upgrade: JoltingEdit

The Noble can concentrate her charges into a current strong enough to hurt. When she touches a target, she rolls one die for each charge she releases; the target takes 1 bashing damage for each success on this roll.

Upgrade: QuickEdit

The Noble can deliver a shock with only a passing thought. She may release charges as a reflexive action, though she cannot do so more than once in a turn.

Fire's Warm Kiss (•, Fuoco •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Stamina + Survival
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

Fires under the Noble’s hands burn without consuming their fuel.

Dramatic Failure: The targeted fire flares up and spreads swiftly. Either its Size or its Intensity increases by 1 step.
Failure: The fire continues to burn normally.
Success: Until the Charm ends, reduce the target fire’s Intensity by 1. Things ignited by the fire, but separated from it, burn normally. The Noble may use Fire’s Warm Kiss repeatedly on one fire, until its Intensity drops to 0. If a fire’s Intensity is 0, it cannot ignite anything and feels merely warm to the touch, though it still sheds light. It can even be scooped off its fuel source, held in cupped hands, and poured into a container, like a liquid with the consistency of thick syrup. Fire so treated ignites its container once the Charm wears off, or goes out after 1 turn if the container is not flammable.
Exceptional Success: The fire’s Intensity drops to 0, turning it into the warm, glowing liquid form.

Nature's Harvest (•, Legno •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Survival
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: lasting

The Noble coaxes a plant to produce its harvest ahead of time. If she isn’t touching a plant reasonably near maturity or at least large enough to produce its crop, or if anyone has used the Charm on the plant within the past season, the Charm fails. (The plant must also have adequate soil and not be severely deprived of water or sunlight, but it need not be in season.)

Dramatic Failure: The targeted plant wilts. Short-lived plants die; trees lose their leaves and may get dead branches.
Failure: The plant yields no harvest.
Success: When used to obtain edible fruits, nuts or berries from appropriate trees and bushes, each activation success subtracts two successes from the threshold of the Noble’s next attempt to forage for food. However, successes exceeding the plant’s Size have no effect. Alternatively, it’s quite possible to use the Charm more frivolously (e.g. to produce lots of flowers) or productively (to get lots of acorns from an oak tree or other appropriate seeds, for example), at the Storyteller’s discretion.
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s next attempt to forage for food gains the 9-again quality.

The crops are guaranteed to stay fresh for at least one day per dot of Legno unless some supernatural effect gets in the way. Nature’s Harvest does not harm the plant.

Upgrade: AscendingEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The plant grows under the Noble’s touch, even if it began as a mere seed; it achieves up to the activation successes or its natural maximum in Size, whichever is lower, over the same number of minutes, and produces the expected harvest in the process. (The plant’s growth will generally be limited by available soil for its root system.) Once the Charm is complete, the newly-grown plant remains a normal plant of its species, although it’s advisable to water it well if one wants to keep it around.

Upgrade: Miraculous (Legno ••)Edit

Requires Ascending

The plant no longer requires adequate soil, sunlight, or anything else as long as there’s enough room for its base to be planted in the earth. However, the Charm’s magic will only sustain the plant for Legno minutes after its growth is complete - if it doesn’t have enough water and room to grow, it obviously won’t last long.

Upgrade: Transfigured (Legno •••)Edit

Requires Ascending
Cost: +2 Wisps

At the Noble’s discretion, the plant produces any crop she needs regardless of its actual species. She can grow oranges from an apple tree, apples from a pine tree, or roses from a barrel cactus if she chooses. A single activation produces a harvest of just one species of plant.

Painting Roses (•, Terra •)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll
Dice pool: Wits + Crafts
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: lasting

With a touch the Noble makes something explode in a riot of color. She can affect a Size up to her dots in Terra and may do anything from simple blocks of color to a masterpiece, if she has the skills. The effects of this charm last as long as average quality paint.

This Charm is best used for leaving marks and clues in the field or making art. Some Nobles of Spades, politely described as urban artists, dip into Terra with this Charm to avoid the suspicions of carrying spray paint around.

Corrosive Grasp (•, Tempesta •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Brawl
Cost: 1 Wisp, 1 resistant bashing damage
Duration: 1 scene

The index finger of a single hand (the Noble’s choice) secretes a powerful, sharp-smelling acid until the Charm ends.

Dramatic Failure: The acid only burns the Noble’s hand. She has the Arm Wrack Tilt [CofD 280] until the damage she took to activate the Charm heals.
Failure: Although the Noble’s hand may smell vaguely vinegary for a while, the acid isn’t concentrated enough or has too high a pH to have an effect.
Success: The acid can be used to get an equipment bonus of the activation successes for any action where it is appropriate. For example, in an interrogation, the ability to scar with acid can be used to get a bonus to Intimidate, while when opening a lock, the ability to dissolve the hinges gives a bonus to Larceny.
Exceptional Success: No additional bonus, beyond the extra successes.

Two-Dot CharmsEdit

Miss Poppins' Bottomless Bag (••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Unrolled
Cost: 1 wisp
Duration: 1 scene

Upon purchasing this Charm, the Noble adds a securely fastened bag or pouch of some kind to her Regalia. Activating the Charm unlocks the bag for a scene, during which it can be used freely. The Noble may store any number of items in the bag indefinitely, as long as each item is small enough to fit through the opening, and is light enough for her to lift without help. The Size of an object being stored or removed cannot exceed half the Noble’s Inner Light (rounded up), unless she applies an Invocation when she unlocks the bag. If she applies an Invocation, she can store objects of Size up to her dots in the Invocation; the objects are the Charm’s targets, so to apply an Invocation at no cost, all the objects stored or removed must be costless targets for that Invocation.

Putting an object in the bag is an instant unrolled action. Taking an object out is also an instant action, and succeeds automatically as long as the number of items in the bag is less than Inner Light + Larceny. If the number equals or exceeds this limit, the Noble must roll Wits + Larceny to find the right item in among the clutter; she takes a penalty on this roll of -1 for each item in the bag over Inner Light + Larceny.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble finds nothing in the bag, and is so occupied with searching that she loses her Defense for 1 turn.
Failure: The Noble pulls out the wrong item.
Success: The Noble takes out the item she wanted.
Exceptional Success: The Noble finds the item immediately; she removes it as a reflexive action.

Items that are put into the bag are safe from harm and protected from loss, as they are bound to the Noble rather than the bag itself. However, they aren’t held in stasis; food will spoil if kept long enough. Moreover, while the bag is closed air can’t get into it, so anything living will suffocate if trapped inside when the bag locks. Should the Noble herself die all items in the bag are lost. With the appropriate supernatural power it is possible to steal from a Noble’s bag, but doing so subtracts (Resolve + Inner Light) from the activation roll.

Upgrade: EnlargedEdit

Stackable 4 times

Add Inner Light again to the maximum number of items that can be put into the bag safely.

Upgrade: DeepenedEdit

Stackable 2 times

Add 1 to the maximum Size of the items that can be put into the bag.

Upgrade: StretchedEdit

Cost: +1 Willpower

The Noble can stuff a very large object into her bag. Double the maximum Size of items the bag can normally hold; the Noble can put one object up to that Size into the bag at a time. As long as that object is in the bag, the Noble can’t put anything more into it, or take anything else out - the large object must come out first. If the bag locks before she takes the large object out, the Noble must apply Stretched again to remove it.

Upgrade: LightenedEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble can lift extremely heavy objects, for just long enough to drop them into her bag or pull them out. Add the Noble’s Inner Light to her Strength when checking whether an object being stored or retrieved is too heavy for her to move.

Upgrade: Ordered (Acqua ••)Edit

The Noble arranges the contents of her bag in careful order. She may choose a number of objects in the bag up to her Acqua; when she applies Acqua to take those objects from the bag, she finds and withdraws them without a roll, no matter how many other things are stored inside. She may rearrange the objects within the bag, putting a different set on top, as an instant unrolled action.

Upgrade: Conjured (Aria ••)Edit

The Noble can pull things kept in the bag out of thin air. When she applies Aria to take something from the bag, it appears in her hand as a reflexive action, ready to be used in the same turn. The object so taken returns to the bag again just before the start of the next turn. (This allows weapons that give a bonus to Defense to do so even after they’ve been used to attack.)

Tool Whispering (Shape ••)Edit

Action: Instant and resisted
Dice pool: Wits + appropriate Skill - object’s Size/2
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: concentration

The tools of a Noble’s craft are so eager to serve her desires that she may operate them from afar. The Noble uses this Charm on a single object that she can see; the Skill she uses to activate it is the one used normally to operate that object (e.g. Computer for electronics, Drive for a vehicle, Firearms for guns, and so on.)

Dramatic Failure: The Noble’s occult force mishandles the targeted object and breaks it. Remove 1 point of the object’s Structure.
Failure: The object remains inert.
Success: The object animates, responding to the Noble’s will. As long as she concentrates, she may take mundane actions that manipulate the object’s internal mechanisms - pushing buttons, flipping switches, turning knobs, and so forth. She cannot pick the object up, or directly move it from its location; actions which require that fail automatically. Thus, the scope of possible actions depends on the complexity of the target object. A simple tool with no moving parts can’t do anything; a gun can be made to unlatch its clip, or to fire, but can’t be aimed; a car can be made to start its engine and drive itself; a computer can be operated almost normally, except for plugging in cables and peripherals.
The Noble cannot control the object if she loses sight of it, and the Charm ends when she stops controlling the object. If someone else is using the object at the same time she controls it, that starts a Clash of Wills; a mundane operator uses the same dice pool for the Clash as he does for operating the device.
Exceptional Success: The Noble controls her tool with great skill. Her mundane actions to control it gain a +2 bonus.

Upgrade: ChargedEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The modern world runs on electricity, but when that’s lacking, the Noble can create a few sparks to get it moving. When the targeted object is a machine powered by electricity, the Noble may turn an extra Wisp into the power it requires, so it will run with a dead battery or while unplugged during the Charm’s duration. However, a dramatic failure when activating the Charm overloads its circuits - remove points of Structure equal to the Noble’s Inner Light.

Upgrade: DancingEdit

Cost: +1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

The targeted object, once animated, will carry out the Noble’s wishes without her conscious attention. The Charm does not end if the Noble stops concentrating on the object; during any turn when she does not control it, the object repeats whatever action she most recently used it for. The object can’t adapt to changed circumstances, and will continue mindlessly repeating itself until the Noble controls it again or the Charm ends.

Upgrade: ForcefulEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble can now lift, push or pull the targeted object without touching it, as easily as she manipulates it; while she does so, the object is surrounded with a visible sign of her attention, such as a glowing halo, a heat shimmer, or a swirl of dust or leaves. The Noble can move the object remotely with the same Strength that her muscles give her, and at a Speed up to her own running Speed. She may also throw the object with a standard Athletics action, although doing so immediately ends the Charm.

Upgrade: Thinking (Acqua ••)Edit

Requires Dancing

When the Noble releases her concentration, in addition to providing the object with further instructions she may grant it a measure of adaptability. For each dot of Acqua she may instruct the object to react to one condition, altering its behavior in response. For conditions that require senses to recognize, the object has a Perception dice pool equal to the Charm’s activation successes.

Upgrade: Free (Aria ••)Edit

The Noble may set her will not on a solid machine, but on the air that surrounds her. Until the Charm ends, she can manipulate any object that she can see, as long as operating that object is covered by the Skill she used to activate the Charm. The Noble cannot manipulate more than one object at a time; when she moves to a second object, the first is no longer animated.

Touch of Frost (••, Acqua •)Edit

Action: Instant and resisted
Dice pool: Dexterity + Crafts - target’s Defense
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

A touch of the Noble’s hand or foot chills her target to the freezing point. The Noble may use the Charm on a person or object.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble freezes herself, not what she touches; she suffers from the effect of an ordinary success, at a level equal to her Acqua.
Failure: The target is chilled briefly, but suffers no impediment from it.
Success: The target’s temperature immediately drops below freezing. A person suffers from the Extreme Cold Tilt [CofD 282] for the rest of the scene, taking a penalty equal to the activation successes (to a maximum of -5.) A solid object is encased in a thin layer of ice, and any attempt to use it during the current scene is penalized by the activation successes (maximum of -5, again) as the user’s hands slip off it.
Exceptional Success: A person targeted by the Charm is chilled to the point of frostbite. In addition to the penalty, he takes a single point of lethal damage. A targeted object is damaged if the Noble’s Acqua exceeds its Durability - warping from the sudden chill removes 1 point of Structure.

The cold created by the Charm will yield to warm emotions as well as physical warmth. The Extreme Cold Tilt on a person ends if someone who loves the target warms him with her body for 1 turn per activation success. Heartfire flames melt an ice coating or warm a person immediately.

Upgrade: Wide (Acqua ••)Edit

The Noble can coat the place she stands with ice. On solid ground, the Charm coats a circle with a radius of 5 yards per activation success with ice, creating the Ice Tilt [CofD 284] in that area. If the Noble is standing or swimming in water, the Charm freezes the water without trapping her, making an ice platform thick enough to bear her weight (though it has the Ice Tilt) with a radius of 1 yard per activation success.

Except in subfreezing temperatures any ice the Charm creates starts to melt at the end of the scene; ice coatings vanish immediately, ice platforms can last several minutes before breaking up.

Spray of Embers (••, Fuoco ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Weaponry
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: concentration

A cloud of sparks and embers sprays from the Noble’s hands, enveloping and burning whatever she chooses.

Dramatic Failure: The embers spray back on the Noble; she takes her Fuoco in bashing damage.
Failure: Sparks fly, but go out without burning anything.
Success: The embers form a cloud, imposing the Swarm Tilt on a circle centered on the Noble. With one success the cloud has a radius of one yard; each success above that doubles the radius. It moves at the Noble’s Speed, and may go anywhere she can see, condense to inflict more damage, or spread out again. Anything that extinguishes a fire will damage the cloud. The Noble never takes damage from the embers, even in the midst of the cloud.
Exceptional Success: The embers retain a lot of heat - anything within the cloud (except the Noble) takes lethal damage from it instead of bashing.

Hedge Magic (••, Legno •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Stamina + Survival
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: successes in turns

The Noble makes a dense thicket grow, which entangles anyone who tries to cross it.

Dramatic Failure: Any plants within the Noble’s Inner Light in yards wilt. She cannot use Hedge Magic again for the rest of the scene.
Failure: No thicket appears.
Success: The hedge-wall springs up, covering an area of the Noble’s Legno x10 square yards somewhere within sight. It has a Durability of 2 and a Structure of 2x activation successes.
Exceptional Success: The hedge-wall is extremely thick. Its Durability rises to 3.

Anyone who damages the hedge with a close attack or tries to go through it gets tangled in the branches, taking the Tangled Tilt. Against ranged attacks, the hedge provides opaque cover [CofD 92]. When the Charm expires, the thicket wilts, losing all its Structure and releasing anyone tangled in it.

Upgrade: BindingEdit

Action: Instant and contested
Dice pool: Manipulation + Occult vs. Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
Cost: 1 Wisp, Sensitivity check
Duration: 1 scene

By brushing her hand across an object, the Noble makes it deeply attractive to the servants of the Darkness. Once they scent it, they will go to any length to possess it, and ensure no one else touches it.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble turns herself into a lure for creatures of the Darkness. All such creatures within Inner Light x 100 yards know where she is for the rest of the scene.
Failure: When a creature of the Darkness gets as many or more successes on its roll than the Noble’s activation successes, he is interested in the object, but not obsessed.
Success: The object calls to all beings with the Darkened Condition within a radius of Inner Light x 100 yards. Each such being contests the Charm independently; any who lose the contest will try to take the object for himself, possibly fighting other beings to possess it.
Exceptional Success: The compulsion is almost irresistible.

Upgrade: Trapped (Lacrima ••)Edit

The target object inflicts pain on any Darkened being who does manage to touch it. The compulsion on these beings changes - instead of keeping the object, they try to destroy it. Darkened beings who have not touched the object are still drawn to possess it. The Charm ends if the object is destroyed.

Three-Dot CharmsEdit

Barricade (Shape •••)Edit

Action: Full turn and resisted
Dice pool: Stamina + Crafts - object’s Size/2
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble strengthens or weakens the material of an object. The Charm will not work on an object already affected by it.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble produces the opposite of her intent. If she meant to strengthen the object, it loses 2 Durability; if she meant to weaken it, it gains 2 Durability.
Failure: The object’s Durability isn’t altered.
Success: The Noble changes the object’s Durability, either adding or subtracting her activation successes. The material returns to normal when the Charm ends.
Exceptional Success: The successes are their own reward.

Crucible (•••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll, threshold = object’s Structure)
Dice pool: Strength + Crafts - object’s Durability
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: lasting

The Noble molds, bends, and twists the object under her hands as if it were soft, wet clay, converting it into exactly the tool she requires. The Charm alters a single object of Size no larger than the Noble’s Inner Light, or a portion of a larger object which falls within that limit, and which the Noble can touch. If she reaches the threshold, the target object is reshaped into whatever form the Noble wishes it to have; the material composition and the Size of the result remain the same. The resulting object may be a mechanism (including e.g. levers, springs, gears) if the materials are strong enough to make one. However, tools powered by electricity can’t be made by the Charm - parts of such tools are possible, but only if those parts are in themselves purely mechanical.

The Noble may try to make equipment of high quality, that confers an equipment bonus for a specific task. This increases the threshold - for each +1 bonus, add successes equal to the object’s Durability to the threshold. The Noble must choose the desired bonus before starting the activation. If she fails to activate the Charm, she mangles the target object into uselessness.

Upgrade: PoweredEdit

Requires Science ••
Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble understands electrical circuitry well enough to duplicate it in the tools she makes. If the target object has the necessary mix of conductors and insulators, she can use the Charm to make a tool that runs on electrical power.

Ice Sculptures (•••, Acqua ••)Edit

Duration: until sunrise

The Noble spins small water droplets into a fabric of snowflakes and ice crystals, cut and sewn into clothing (or anything else made of cloth that she requires.) Though apparently more fragile than the usual items the Charm makes, cloth-of-snow actually lasts longer; it stays intact until the next sunrise after it was made, no matter what the temperature may be. Except in subfreezing weather, though, cloth-of-snow will dissolve promptly at dawn. (Nobles who don’t wish to be abruptly half-naked and soaking wet at the end of a long night are well advised to remember this.)

Upgrade: Architecture (Acqua •••)Edit

Cost: +(Sanctuary rating) Wisps
Duration: until sunrise

The Noble can create walls, arches, even whole buildings of hardened ice, given only time to concentrate. For structures exceeding her Acqua in Size, she rolls once every 15 minutes (instead of once a turn) and adds the successes required for the Sanctuary rating of the final structure to the threshold. The resulting blocks of ice have a Durability of 3, though fire still bypasses that.

The nature of the Charm strongly encourages the resulting building to assume an ornate Art Deco style of architecture, with icicle spires, snowflake lacework, and sixfold symmetry. The walls and floors are thick enough not to melt quickly, so even in the hottest weather the structure remains intact until the next sunrise. However, except in subfreezing temperatures the thing does begin melting at that point. After the first sunrise meltwater makes the building slippery, imposing the Ice Tilt on and inside it. After the second sunrise the building becomes unsound, reducing its Durability to 0, and any object resting on it removes 1 point of Structure for every 50 pounds of weight it has, each turn it remains. After the third sunrise the building collapses of its own weight, if it hasn’t already fallen apart.

Upgrade: Unmelting (Acqua ••••)Edit

Cost: +1 Willpower
Duration: indefinite

The Noble enchants the ice she creates to remain unmelted even under the heat of a summer sun. For practical purposes, the object made by the Charm acts as if it’s in subfreezing temperatures at all times, regardless of the actual temperature. The Charm will end, however, if the object is placed in a fire, and of course the ice will then melt and destroy the object.

Strength of the Tides (•••, Acqua ••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll
Dice pool: Resolve + Athletics
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: concentration

The Noble takes control of a body of water within sight, making it flow and push as she wills. The Charm controls a circular area of water of the activation successes in yards, to a depth of 1 yard; left in that shape, it lifts and moves everything inside it with a Strength of 1. The Noble may gather the water into a taller mass of smaller radius to concentrate its power; each halving of the radius quadruples the water’s depth or height, and adds 1 to its Strength. She may also move the water in a wave or spout, carrying along whatever floats in it; the water’s top Speed is 8 if moved this way. The Charm does not create water - if the Noble gets more successes than she needs to control all the water available, the extra successes have no effect.

Upgrade: Violent (Acqua •••)Edit

The water becomes violently agitated, creating smashing waves and sucking undertows that batter anything caught within it. Each turn, the Noble may choose to inflict bashing damage equal to the water’s current Strength on everything in or floating on the water.

Upgrade: Free (Acqua ••••)Edit

Cost: +1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble can release the water, do other things, and take control of it again. In any turn she is not shaping the water, it flows to its natural level, dropping anything it was lifting that doesn’t float.

Mist's Protection (•••, Aria ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Manipulation + Stealth
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: successes in turns

The Noble summons a thick fog that conceals her presence.

Dramatic Failure: The sky is clear and cloudless. The Noble cannot use Mist’s Protection again for the rest of the scene.
Failure: No fog appears.
Success: A volume of radius equal to (10x Inner Light) yards, centered on the Noble, gains the Fog Tilt. In strong sunlight or moderate wind the cloud disperses in (activation successes) turns; in calm, cloudy weather, it may last as long as the Storyteller wishes.
Exceptional Success: The fog expands to fill a radius of (15x Inner Light) yards.

Salamander (Shape •••, Fuoco ••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll, threshold = fire’s Size
Dice pool: Resolve + Survival
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: concentration

The Noble takes control of a body of fire within sight, directing it as she wills. The Charm controls a fire of a Size (considered as an object) equal to the threshold. This may be a portion of a larger fire; you don’t need to control an entire forest fire if your goal is to hold back the closest flames. The Noble may push her controlled fire in any direction she wishes, but it can only travel along a solid surface. She may also shape it into complex shapes by rolling Dexterity + Crafts. However it is still fire: making a fire walk out of the hearth in the shape of a lion is a neat party trick, but if it touches something flammable the fire will spread.

If the fire is separated from all sources of fuel when the Charm ends it is extinguished; otherwise it ignites the surface it’s standing on when the Noble loses her concentration.

Upgrade: Free (Fuoco ••••)Edit

Cost: +1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble can release the fire, do other things, and take control of it again. When she doesn’t control the fire, it ignites the place she left it if that's possible, and may spread at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Dryad's Favor (•••, Legno ••)Edit

Requires Nature’s Harvest
Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll, threshold = plant’s Size
Dice pool: Strength + Survival
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: lasting

Trees swing their branches, vines bend into trellises, to serve the Matron of Forests’ need. The Charm causes a single plant, or a group of plants that are each no larger in Size than the Noble’s Legno and within Inner Light yards of her, to animate and twist into a shape she wishes. The plant (or plants) move into the desired arrangement when the Noble reaches the threshold.

The Noble can even have the plant uproot itself and move to a new spot - its Speed equals the Noble’s Legno, and it will move for a number of turns up to the activation dice pool. The Noble may also cause a part of the target plant no larger in Size than her Legno to detach itself from the rest of the plant after it’s been shaped into equipment for a single task. The result must, naturally, be an object which could be made mundanely out of the targeted plant(s).

Earthquake (•••, Terra ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Strength + Brawl - area’s radius in yards
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble claps her hands, then touches them to the ground, and the earth buckles and shakes, pitching wildly and throwing her enemies off-balance.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble only jolts the ground under her own feet. She takes the Stunned Tilt [CofD 286].
Failure: The earth does not move.
Success: The earthquake strikes a circular area of radius equal to the penalty taken to the activation roll in yards. Everyone in that area, except the Noble, immediately takes the Knocked Down Tilt [CofD 284] and reflexively rolls Dexterity + Athletics; those who fail the roll take the Stunned Tilt as well. For the rest of the scene, the area has the Broken Ground Tilt.
Exceptional Success: The ground in the target area buckles and great shards of stone poke out from the earth, providing anyone who wants to take cover behind them substantial (-3) concealment, in addition to the other effects.

When the Charm ends, the ground slides back into its normal configuration. If the Noble is underground, she gets an exceptional success with 3 or more activation successes, not 5.

Upgrade: Sheltering (Terra •••)Edit

People the Noble chooses, up to her Inner Light, do not take the Knocked Down or Stunned Tilts when the earthquake strikes.

Diamonds are Forever (•••, Terra •••)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Intelligence + Science - object’s Availability
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: lasting

A Noble of Hearts can always find a noble gift. The Noble can transmute the substance of small objects into minerals of her choice - earth, sand, rock, even precious stones. The penalty to her dice pool equals the Availability of the object after the Charm takes effect; it’s much harder to turn things into jade than granite. The Charm’s target must be an inanimate object of Size 1 or less, made of a nearly homogeneous material, that the Noble is holding in her hands.

Dramatic Failure: The object explodes into jagged shards. The Noble takes 1 lethal damage from fragments in her hands.
Failure: The object is unchanged.
Success: The object is transmuted into the desired mineral.
Exceptional Success: The object is transmuted into a perfect example of the desired mineral. If the mineral is valuable, the Availability of the object’s final form is one dot higher.

Four-Dot CharmsEdit

My Home is My Castle (••••)Edit

Requires Bubble Shield
Action: Extended, 1 minute/roll, threshold = Sanctuary + shield's Durability
Dice pool: Resolve + Crafts
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 or more scenes

The proverb says “An Englishman's home is his castle,” but sometimes a castle has to withstand a siege. The Noble activates this Charm on Consecrated ground to protect it from invasion, meditating at a symbol which sustains the Consecrated Condition. When she reaches the threshold, a translucent curtain rises from the boundary of the Consecrated ground, enclosing the area in a dome of hardened light. The dome's Structure equals the threshold of the Charm, and its Durability is the threshold minus the Sanctuary successes; it provides transparent cover against all attacks that pass through it.

Once during a scene, the Noble may spend 1 Wisp as an instant action to sustain the dome for another scene. This does not repair any Structure lost to damage, but if someone has managed to punch holes in the dome the spent Wisp will close them. The Charm ends, and the dome vanishes, when it loses the last point of Structure, or the Noble doesn't spend a Wisp to sustain it.

Upgrade: Hidden (Legno •••)Edit

Applying this upgrade moves the Charm's protection from the boundary of the Consecrated ground to the buildings on it. Any structure permanently attached to the area with the Consecrated Condition - no matter how indirectly - has its Durability increased by the amount the dome would have had (the threshold - the Sanctuary successes) and adds an equal number of Structure points. The extra Durability and Structure remain as long as the Noble sustains the Charm and the affected objects are still attached to the Consecrated ground.

Upgrade: Garrisoned (Terra •••)Edit

Modified by Commonalty

The Noble names an organization when she activates the Charm, and applies the Commonalty modifier for that organization. Those members of the organization who stand in the Consecrated ground when the dome appears can walk through the barrier easily - it parts when they touch it, and closes when they walk away. Moreover, if any of these members has a pool of Wisps, he can spend Wisps to sustain the dome just as the Noble can, though the Charm can't be extended for more than one scene at a time (extra Wisps beyond the first in one scene have no effect.) The Noble may walk through the dome if, and only if, she belongs to the organization she named while making it.

Upgrade: Enduring (Lacrima •••)Edit

Cost: +2 Wisps
Duration: indefinite

The Last Empress protects her people with enduring walls. By spending additional Wisps, the Noble causes the barrier to last until the Consecrated Condition supporting it ends. She also may (and should) cut passages through the barrier when making it, to let people enter and leave the area.

Upgrade: Expedient (Tempesta •••)Edit

Cost: +(Sanctuary rating) resistant lethal damage

A Fury can put up an impenetrable shelter anywhere, even the enemy's home ground. If the Noble draws sigils of protection in her own blood around an area she wants to protect, she may activate the Charm to make a barrier around that area without Consecrating it. The Noble must bleed enough for 1 resistant lethal damage per dot in the area's Sanctuary rating to draw the sigils properly.

Little Deuce Coupe (Shape ••••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 minute/roll, threshold = modifications + 1
Dice pool: Dexterity + Crafts
Cost: 3 Wisps
Duration: Inner Light scenes or hours

The Noble gains the freedom of the open road. As she meditates, shapes of metal, glass and rubber appear around her and assemble themselves; when she reaches the threshold, a vehicle stands next to her, ready to be driven.

The vehicle's quality depends on the threshold the Noble chose. With a threshold of 1 the Charm creates a motorized scooter (dice modifier of -5, Size 7, Durability 2, safe Speed of 60). Each +1 to the threshold lets the Noble apply 1 modification to the created vehicle from the table on [CofD 99]. The Noble can't make a vehicle that's physically impossible, so she must respect the limits on each trait; but she may add as many modifications as she likes, without regard to her Crafts dots. A Noble with Automotive Genius [CofD 47] may add modifications equal to her Crafts dots on top of those from her chosen threshold.

When the Charm ends, the vehicle will decelerate from its current speed to a standstill at a rate of 10 Speed/ turn, then dissolve into a cloud of sparks, dropping its contents on the ground where it stopped. If the Noble is in it at this time, she may spend a Wisp as an instant action to keep the vehicle in existence for another scene or hour.

There is a variation of this Charm, popular among Nobles of Clubs, that summons a riding beast; it uses a dice pool of Dexterity + Animal Ken, and Automotive Genius doesn't help the Charm, but it's otherwise identical. The steed is treated as a vehicle, except that it has 2/2 Armor instead of Durability, and a Durability modifier grants it +1/+1 Armor. A Noble may not learn both versions of the Charm - she can either make modern vehicles or summon beasts, not both.

Upgrade: LargeEdit

Stackable 3 times
Cost: +1-3 Wisps

The Noble can make a larger vehicle by spending more of her magic. The first Large upgrade lets her spend 1 Wisp (above the base cost) to raise the base Size of the created vehicle to 11, before any modifications. The second lets her spend 2 Wisps to raise its base Size to 15, and the third lets her spend 3 Wisps to raise its base Size to 19.

Upgrade: WeatherproofEdit

The vehicle protects its riders from harsh conditions. For one modification, the vehicle acts as basic survival gear [CofD 273] for the driver and all passengers. For two modifications, the vehicle gives the benefits of advanced survival gear against one type of extreme environment. The vehicle's protection stacks with any personal protection a rider has.

Upgrade: Seacraft (Acqua •••)Edit

The Noble may use the Charm to create a boat. If the boat is at least Size 10, she may spend two modifications to convert it into a submarine.

Upgrade: Aircraft (Aria •••)Edit

The Noble may use the Charm to create an airplane. The safe Speed of an airplane is doubled after all modifications are applied; however, an airplane must reach half its safe Speed before it can take off. Also, nearly all jurisdictions require airplanes to stay in radio contact with air traffic controllers, to prevent in-air collisions, so the Charm provides a radio in the airplane for this purpose. Finally, the airplane will not automatically land itself when the Charm ends, though its engine stops working, and it won't vanish until it reaches the ground.

Upgrade: Mecha (Fuoco •••)Edit

The Noble may use the Charm to create a giant humanoid robot, with a cockpit for herself and passengers. The Speed of a mecha must be divided by 10 after all modifications are applied, and uses the rules for characters' Speed, not vehicles'; the High Acceleration modification may not be applied. However, the Noble may add equivalents of any Regalia Charms she knows to the mecha for one modification per Charm added. The mecha does not roll, but walks, and can jump or climb over obstacles that block a car. For the purpose of athletic feats or combat, the mecha has the strength of the Noble, plus a bonus from its Size equal to the Strength bonus from the Size Changes table. It takes damage as an object, and provides opaque cover to its driver and passengers.

Upgrade: Off-Road (Legno •••)Edit

The Noble may use the Charm to create a vehicle that travels over rough ground or planted turf without difficulty. When driven over dirt or plants, the vehicle leaves no trace of its passing; plants are not crushed, and dirt takes no tracks. Indeed, for one modification, the vehicle will actually promote the growth of plants it passes over, and sow grass and flowers in bare soil.

Upgrade: Diplomatic (Terra •••)Edit

Mundane people recognize the Noble's vehicle as owned by an authority, and are reluctant to impede it. As long as the driver obeys traffic regulations, no one will stop or search the vehicle. This doesn't let the vehicle pass into secured areas that need specific authorization to enter, but it will protect the driver and passengers from people looking for them.

Upgrade: Stealthy (Lacrima •••)Edit

The Noble's vehicle runs quietly and is easily overlooked. Perception rolls to notice it and attempts to follow it by sound take a penalty equal to the Noble's Lacrima.

Upgrade: Ramming (Tempesta •••)Edit

The Noble's vehicle breaks down any obstacle impudent enough to stand in its way. In any crash [CofD 99] the Durability of the object the vehicle hits is reduced by the Noble's Tempesta, to a minimum of 0.

Upgrade: Inviolable (Specchio •••)Edit

The Noble may create a vehicle so beautiful that no one can think of damaging it. Anyone trying to avoid a collision with the vehicle gains a bonus equal to the Noble's Specchio on their dice pool, and anyone trying to damage it takes a penalty equal to her Specchio. The vehicle's driver is affected whenever his driving maneuver may result in a crash.

Breath of Boreas (••••, Acqua •••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 minute/roll, threshold = 5
Dice pool: Intelligence + Science + weather modifier
Cost: 3 Wisps
Duration: 1 or more scenes

The North Wind blows and winter comes at the Noble’s call. When she reaches the threshold, the temperature rapidly falls below freezing in a circle of 1 mile radius centered on the Noble, creating the Extreme Cold Tilt [CofD 282] within the circle. The cold snap lasts for the rest of the current scene. The Noble is not protected from the weather she has summoned (not, at least, by this Charm.)

Furthermore, for every 3 successes the Noble accumulates over the threshold, she can tune the weather further to her liking, adding one of the following effects.

  • Biting: The chill goes deep into people’s flesh. The Extreme Cold Tilt inflicts a -1 penalty immediately. The Princess can apply this effect up to 5 times.
  • Icy: Freezing rain falls in the area, coating all surfaces in ice. The Ice Tilt [CofD 284] applies throughout the affected area.
  • Snowing: Snow falls in great quantities, imposing the Blizzard Tilt [CofD 281] throughout the affected area.
  • Duration: The weather, and the tilts it creates, last for another scene.
Current weather conditions modify the activation roll: cold extreme environment (+ level), other extreme environment (- level), already snowing (+3), thick clouds (+1), or clear sky (-1). The Charm cannot be used more than once a day in a single area.

Upgrade: Loyal (Acqua ••••)Edit

The Charm encloses the Noble in a bubble of warm air, protecting her from the cold she has invoked. The Noble takes no penalties or damage from the extreme environment, and if she wishes she can suppress any or all Tilts imposed by the Charm within a radius of Inner Light yards of herself, or reimpose them, as an instant action. Each Tilt can be suppressed or released independently.

Call Down The Thunder (••••, Aria •••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll, threshold = 5
Dice pool: Strength + Science + weather modifier
Cost: 3 Wisps
Duration: 1 or more scenes

The Noble raises her hands to the sky and summons the wrath of a storm. Once she reaches the threshold, the sky fills with dark clouds and rain starts to fall in a radius of 1 mile, building in seconds to a downpour (the Heavy Rain Tilt [CofD 283]) that lasts until the Charm ends. In freezing weather the clouds release snow instead of rain, creating the Blizzard Tilt [CofD 281]. The Noble can’t change the temperature with this Charm.

Furthermore, for every 3 successes the Noble accumulates over the threshold, she can apply one of the following effects. She may wait to choose which effects to apply until the turn she needs one.

  • Heavy Winds: The storm buffets everyone caught in it, impeding their movements. Until the Charm ends, the area has one level of the Heavy Winds Tilt [CofD 283]. The Noble can apply this effect a maximum of 3 times.
  • Hailstones: As an instant action, the Noble rolls her activation dice pool; in a circle with a radius of 20x Aria yards centered on a point within sight, hailstones strike everything exposed to the sky, doing 1 bashing damage for each success. If the Noble is inside the circle, she takes the damage along with everything else within it.
  • Lightning: As an instant action, the Noble rolls her activation dice pool; a bolt of lightning strikes one target within sight, doing 1 lethal damage for each success. General armor reduces this damage.
  • Duration: The Charm, and the Tilts it creates, last for another scene.

Current weather conditions modify the activation roll: already raining or snowing (+3), thick clouds (+1), clear sky (-1), or drought (-3). The Charm cannot be used more than once a day in a single area.

Upgrade: Uplifting (Aria ••••)Edit

The storm guides itself to help the Noble who summoned it. The Tilts it creates don’t affect her, and hailstones don’t strike her if she calls them to the place she stands. Moreover, she can apply accumulated successes for another effect:

Speed: The storm winds always blow at the Noble’s back, carrying her more swiftly to her destination. She adds +1 to her Speed and Initiative until the Charm ends. She can apply this effect a maximum of 3 times.

Travel in Style (Shape ••••, Legno •••)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Composure + Crafts - number of people to shelter
Cost: 2-6 Wisps
Duration: until 1 hour after sunrise

Nobles of Clubs often travel in the wilderness, but like their namesakes, the Turtles carry a shelter with them. The Noble chooses how many people to provide shelter to when she activates the Charm.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble faints, and can’t be awakened for at least eight hours.
Failure: The Noble waves swatches of cloth about with no result.
Success: Lengths of brightly colored cloth whirl from the Noble’s hands, before settling on wooden scaffolding. Once the cloth stops moving, the Noble stands within a tent large enough to accomodate everyone she wanted to, with the proper number of camp beds, a central fireplace for cooking, and a side chamber for calls of nature. The tent flaps, if tied shut, can’t be opened from the outside, and despite its apparent fragility the tent’s fabric has a Durability equal to the Noble’s Legno.
When the flaps are tied, the interior swiftly comes to the climate of a warm spring day; any environmental Tilts due to the weather cease to apply inside the tent. Moreover, the Noble can spend extra Wisps to protect the interior from the worst that nature can do: the third and subsequent Wisps she spends to activate the Charm reduce the effective level of an extreme environment [CofD 97] by 1 step each within the tent.
Exceptional Success: The tent’s outer surface is camouflaged. Perception rolls to notice its presence take a -2 penalty.

The tent will tremble when the rays of the dawning sun reach it, then fold up and vanish when the last occupant leaves it or one hour has passed. Anyone still inside at the end of that hour is unceremoniously dumped onto the ground where the tent rested.

Enduring Beauty (••••, Specchio ••••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 minute/roll, threshold = target’s Health + Supernatural Tolerance + dots in the Striking Looks Merit
Dice pool: Dexterity + Larceny
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: lasting

Beauty is the only true constant in the world, the Queen of Mirrors knows. Not personal beauty, for that can fade and die, but the beauty that comes from righteousness and enduring strength. It is the calculus of rule that inspires her to take beauty from fools who might waste it, and use it for the betterment of the world. The Noble learns to peel the beauty from others, and craft it into valuable gems. These gems also have metaphysical potency, and can be used to aid other Charms. This Charm must be used against a target who is asleep, or otherwise incapacitated or restrained. Each time the Noble rolls, her target takes 1 point of bashing damage; a sleeping target reflexively rolls Wits + Stamina - 3 and wakes if they succeed.

If the required number of successes are attained, the Noble peels the metaphysical beauty away from the face of her target, which comes away like a thin layer of skin, then coalesces into a gem. If the target had no dots in the Striking Looks merit, the gem is a cheap stone, dull and lacking lustre, equivalent to Availability 1. If they had one dot, it is attractive and valuable, a moderate value sapphire, emerald or ruby (frequently matching the color of their eyes) equivalent to Availability 2. If the Noble is lucky enough to find someone with two dots, the gem is a diamond almost without compare, equivalent to Availability 3. An individual targeted with this Charm loses all dots in the Striking Looks merit, if they had any, and gains the Forgettable Condition. The effects on appearance are not obviously magical; even the most beautiful target is recognizable as themselves after this is used, merely... lacking the gleam of beauty they once had.

The gems produced are metaphysically potent. When holding one in her hand, a Noble may, reflexively, cause it to crumble to dust, destroying it utterly. It adds a number of dice equal to its Availability rating to any one roll of hers which is in line with the Specchio Invocation. Any Noble can use them for this purpose. In addition, a Noble with Seed of Light can use that Charm to turn a gem into a number of seeds equal to its Availability rating. If the gem is returned to the person it was stolen from, it need only be pressed against their forehead to restore their former beauty.

Unless used on a consenting target, using the Charm is a compromise with a -2 penalty.

Five-Dot CharmsEdit

Master Mason (•••••, Terra ••••)Edit

Requires Crucible with Powered
Action: Extended, 15 minutes/roll, threshold = Sanctuary + Availability
Dice pool: Presence + Crafts
Cost: (Sanctuary rating)+2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: lasting

The ground under the Noble’s feet trembles, rumbles, and finally erupts into a great building of steel, brick, stone and glass, with water pipes, electrical outlets and every modern convenience. The Noble must accumulate enough successes to match both the size of the building, as measured on the Sanctuary scale, and its quality as a residence or working space, as measured by Availability [CofD 100]. The Charm is not limited to houses, but can build any structure of comparable size - say, a road, bridge, dam, stadium or theater.

The Noble may not use this Charm unless she is standing on solid ground, devoid of any intact man-made structures and large enough to accommodate the final building. If she wants any plumbing and power outlets in the building to work, she must connect them to water systems and electrical mains that run nearby. Any furnishings in the building are integral with it, made of the same materials and immovable.

Through the Looking Glass (•••••, Specchio •••••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Occult
Cost: 3 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: indefinite

The Noble enters the world behind a mirror.

Dramatic Failure: The mirror breaks into hundreds of glass shards. If the Noble was in the reflected world, she returns to reality, but anything else brought in is lost.
Failure: The Noble remains where she was.
Success: The surface of the mirror vanishes, allowing the Noble to enter (or leave) the reflected world.
Exceptional Success: The Noble regains the Willpower point she spent to activate the Charm.

Inside the reflected world is an exact reflection of everything the mirror can see. This does mean that any text is backwards and climbing into a funhouse mirror is... weird. The objects inside a mirror are entirely immovable and indestructible: the only way to affect them is to affect the real object they are reflections of. Real items the Noble brings with her behave as normal. Any person or item she brings into the mirror world casts an intangible reflection back into the real world.

Inside a mirror any area that cannot be seen by that mirror (from any angle) is nothing more than solid glass that stretches on for infinity, or until the next place visible from that mirror. The Noble can carve out holes in this glass; it takes her five minutes to remove one cubic yard of glass, which dissolves into vapor shortly afterward. Doing this creates a little hidey hole invisible from the outside world, perfect for storing weapons and valuable Bequests or bringing boyfriends you don’t want your mother to know about. The holes last until the mirror is destroyed or moved. Once either occurs nothing, not even returning the mirror to its original spot can recover any stored items. No one knows what happens to a person lost this way but it probably isn’t pretty.

While inside the mirror any area that usually can be seen by that mirror but cannot due to circumstance (say someone’s thrown a blanket over the mirror in the real world) is covered by pure darkness that numbs all five senses. This however is not any more dangerous than normal sensory deprivation and some Nobles even make use of it for such.

Two mirrors reflecting the same area will lead to the same reflected area, though parts of it may well be separated by walls of glass. This area is safe until the last mirror is removed. However two mirrors set up to reflect each other can be quite dangerous. While inside the mirror world one can use the second mirror to recursively enter a second mirror world. Some Nobles use sequences of mirrors as elaborate “passwords” but the risk of being lost forever in an ever deeper chain of worlds means most stay far away.

Exiting the mirror world normally requires using this Charm a second time. In an emergency the Noble can simply jump through the mirror to leave the reflection, which has the usual effects on her of jumping through glass. (Smashing the mirror before jumping would send the Noble to wherever it is things stored in hidey holes go when the mirror is moved.)

Upgrade: SecureEdit

By spending 1 Wisp the Noble can fix a mirror in place. It gains Durability equal to her Specchio against both damage and being moved. This Durability does not apply if the Noble deliberately jumps through the mirror to leave the reflection, but it does cover accidents.

Upgrade: LeadingEdit

The Noble can now lead others through mirrors. Each extra person or five Size points of equipment costs an additional Wisp. The Noble does not have to go first, or even enter herself. It is acceptable to push someone through with the intent of trapping them.