Charms of Enhancement (Bless •••, Invocation •••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: varies by Charm
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

With the aid of one of the Radiant Queens, the Noble raises a person to heights of ability normally beyond them. Each Queen teaches a different version of this Charm, with her favored Invocation as a prerequisite; these version must be learned as separate Charms. Each Charm of Enhancement affects its target in a parallel way:

Dramatic Failure: The Noble blights the trait she meant to boost. The target takes the Blighted Condition, taking 1 dot from the Attribute the Noble chose.
Failure: The target is not enhanced.
Success: The target gains the Enhanced Condition: the Noble adds the activation successes, up to her dots in the prerequisite Invocation, to one of the target’s Attributes. Any traits derived from that Attribute are recalculated. Each Charm can enhance the Noble’s choice among three of the Attributes.
Exceptional Success: In addition to the normal effect, the target adds a +1 bonus to dice pools based on the enhanced Attribute.

No Charm of Enhancement can be used on a target currently affected by that Charm. Each Charm uses a different dice pool, and is limited to a different set of Attributes.

  • Drawn by the Moon (Acqua): Roll Intelligence + Science; the Enhanced Condition raises one Mental Attribute.
  • Wind-Borne Grace (Aria): Roll Presence + Expression; the Enhanced Condition raises one Finesse Attribute.
  • Stoke the Furnace (Fuoco): Roll Strength + Persuasion; the Enhanced Condition raises one Power Attribute.
  • Forest Sanctuary (Legno): Roll Stamina + Survival; the Enhanced Condition raises one Resistance Attribute.
  • Crown Jewels (Terra): Roll Manipulation + Persuasion; the Enhanced Condition raises one Social Attribute.



The Noble may add dots to all three of the Attributes that the Charm can enhance in a single activation. She distributes her successes across the Attributes; she still cannot add more than her dots in the prerequisite Invocation to any one Attribute.