Composed Come What May (••, Terra ••)Edit

Action: Permanent

Elegance is not a pretty gown and tasteful jewelry; it’s a state of mind and the Noble knows how to be elegant when up to her elbows in mud. Any sensory effect that would grant her a negative situational modifier to social rolls is reduced by her Composure. A Noble who is covered in blood (-5) and has Composure 2 will only take a -3 penalty.

This Charm does not prevent a Noble from looking bad, it merely allows her to overcome its effects with grace and poise. Additionally because elegance is a state of mind a Noble must be in the right state of mind to use this power. If she cannot justify her appearance then she cannot benefit from this Charm. Being covered in mud because you were searching for a missing child and didn’t have time to change is fine; turning up in dirty clothes because you’d rather sleep in than wash isn’t.