Corrosive Grasp (•, Tempesta •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Brawl
Cost: 1 Wisp, 1 resistant bashing damage
Duration: 1 scene

The index finger of a single hand (the Noble’s choice) secretes a powerful, sharp-smelling acid until the Charm ends.

Dramatic Failure: The acid only burns the Noble’s hand. She has the Arm Wrack Tilt [CofD 280] until the damage she took to activate the Charm heals.
Failure: Although the Noble’s hand may smell vaguely vinegary for a while, the acid isn’t concentrated enough or has too high a pH to have an effect.
Success: The acid can be used to get an equipment bonus of the activation successes for any action where it is appropriate. For example, in an interrogation, the ability to scar with acid can be used to get a bonus to Intimidate, while when opening a lock, the ability to dissolve the hinges gives a bonus to Larceny.
Exceptional Success: No additional bonus, beyond the extra successes.