Courteous Parry (•, Terra •)Edit

Action: Permanent

A smile and pleasant voice disarms a Princess’s attackers, or a calculated remark at the right moment throws them off-balance. When the Noble transforms, she may choose for her Dodge to subtract successes equal to her Manipulation from the attack instead of rolling her Dodge dice pool, if the attacker has a roughly human mindset. Unfortunately, social acumen doesn’t do anything to inhuman foes; against an animal, a spirit and similar beings the Noble’s Dodge dice pool is twice her Athletics, not adding an Attribute. She may switch back to normal Dodging with a transformation action.

Upgrade: InstinctiveEdit

Using social talent to evade injury becomes almost a reflex. When the Noble transforms, she may choose to set her Defense to Manipulation + Athletics against attackers with a basically human mind. The drawback, as before, is that against inhuman attackers her Defense is Athletics alone. She may return to normal Defense with a transformation action.