Crucible (•••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll, threshold = object’s Structure)
Dice pool: Strength + Crafts - object’s Durability
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: lasting

The Noble molds, bends, and twists the object under her hands as if it were soft, wet clay, converting it into exactly the tool she requires. The Charm alters a single object of Size no larger than the Noble’s Inner Light, or a portion of a larger object which falls within that limit, and which the Noble can touch. If she reaches the threshold, the target object is reshaped into whatever form the Noble wishes it to have; the material composition and the Size of the result remain the same. The resulting object may be a mechanism (including e.g. levers, springs, gears) if the materials are strong enough to make one. However, tools powered by electricity can’t be made by the Charm - parts of such tools are possible, but only if those parts are in themselves purely mechanical.

The Noble may try to make equipment of high quality, that confers an equipment bonus for a specific task. This increases the threshold - for each +1 bonus, add successes equal to the object’s Durability to the threshold. The Noble must choose the desired bonus before starting the activation. If she fails to activate the Charm, she mangles the target object into uselessness.

Upgrade: PoweredEdit

Requires Science ••
Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble understands electrical circuitry well enough to duplicate it in the tools she makes. If the target object has the necessary mix of conductors and insulators, she can use the Charm to make a tool that runs on electrical power.