Empty Heart (••, Lacrima •)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Stamina + Persuasion
Cost: 1 Wisp, Sensitivity check at +2
Duration: 1 scene or 1 night

The Noble becomes a being of Darkness, a manifestation of the Void. Her skin becomes sallow, her hair either whitens or darkens, depending on how light it was to begin with, and her pupils expand to fill the entire eye, making her look unhealthy but undeniably human.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble only attracts the Darkness. She reaches a breaking point, at a -2 penalty.
Failure: The Noble’s appearance shifts as above for a few seconds, without further effect.
Success: The Noble takes the Darkened Condition, with all its benefits and drawbacks, except that she keeps her normal Sensitivity and suffers Hauntings when it is triggered. The Condition ends without resolving at the end of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The Darkened Condition ends at the next sunrise.

Upgrade: Umbral (Lacrima ••+)Edit

Stackable (7 - Belief) times

If the Noble has dots in Shadows when she uses the Charm, she may assume Umbrae]] up to her current dots. Each time she takes this upgrade, the Noble learns a new Umbra; she may choose freely among the Umbrae she knows when using the Charm. The first and second purchases require Lacrima 2, the third and fourth require Lacrima 3, and any further purchases require Lacrima 4.