Entwined Destiny (••)Edit

Requires not having Vice-Ridden [CofD 46]
Open to the Hopeful

Your character was bound to another before she was born, and both events and her inmost will urge her towards a specific role in his life. Choose the nature of your character’s relationship with its subject - true love, rivalry, protection, loyalty, and enmity are all possible, and if none of these fit you may define your own, with the Storyteller’s approval. You may also choose the subject’s name and general nature, or leave that up to the Storyteller to decide. When the Storyteller judges that your character’s actions during a scene reflect her destined role, she regains 1 point of Willpower; she cannot benefit from this, however, if she has indulged her Vice in the current scene.

Entwined Destiny cannot directly influence a person’s choices, but Fate will attempt to nudge a character with the Merit in certain ways. For example, if she has an Entwined Destiny of love Fate cannot make her feel love Instead Fate can and will create coincidences where she and her destined bump into each other in circumstances appropriate for heart to heart talks. If the destiny is natural it can also be assumed that the character and her destined true love are compatible people.

Drawback: Denying a destined role is akin to denying yourself. Deliberately forgoing an opportunity to fulfill her role is a breaking point for your character, with a penalty depending on how far her actions depart from what the Entwined Destiny expects of her. For example, if her destined rival challenges her, she must accept; if she discovers her destined enemy’s plot, she must oppose it; if her destined ward is in peril, she must rescue him.