Faster On The Inside (Shape ••••, Vuoto ••••)Edit

Requires Road of Dawn Supplement
Action: Instant, Wits + Composure
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: One Scene

It's a well known fact of how the Pentacles debates seem to last late into the night, and yet when people walk out of the rooms, they find that only half an hour has passed. All the Princess requires is for an enclosed space. All doors and windows shut with curtains closed and preferably no people around except for people inside the room. For each success she earns, the Princess may allow time in that room to proceed at Successes + 1 times as fast or slow as she desires. For example, a Princess invoking this charm can spend two hours in a room with this charm active and got 2 Successes. Depending on whether she wanted time to go slow or fast, she could find that 40 minutes or 6 Hours have passed in reality. Along with being useful for meetings and parties, it also greatly helps for last minute studying for exams or ensuring more than enough sleep is gained.



This charm can be attached to consecrated ground, active whenever the Princess desires it to be active instead of constantly on.