Ferryman's Shroud (•••, Lacrima •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Composure + Athletics
Cost: 2 Wisps, Sensitivity check
Duration: lasting

The Queen of Tears has granted the Noble the freedom of her city. To use this Charm, the Noble must be in complete darkness; light bright enough to see by, from any source, makes the Charm fail.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble touches the Dark World through her magic instead of Alhambra. The Sensitivity check for the Charm adds 2 dice, and the Noble cannot use the Charm again for one full day.
Failure: The Noble stays where she is.
Success: The darkness the Noble stands in thickens to an utter negation of light for an instant; then the ground vanishes and she falls, splashing into the black salt lake of Alhambra. The Charm is generally considerate enough to drop her near a shore, where she can reach dry land in a single turn. It doesn’t, however, have to leave her in a specific place within the city; she may have to walk an hour or two to reach the district she wanted.
Exceptional Success: The Noble appears in Alhambra, at the nearest shore to the place she wants to be.

The Charm will not take anyone back from Alhambra - the Queen of Tears does not wish anyone to leave her who has not proven their fidelity to the true Kingdom.

As an incidental benefit, those who learn this Charm can light lamps in Alhambra as its citizens do.



Cost: +1 Wisp/every 5 points of Size above 5

The Noble can drive a vehicle into Alhambra, carrying along all its contents. She takes a penalty on the activation roll of -2 for 5 points of the vehicle’s Size exceeding 5; that is, a Size 10 vehicle takes a -2 penalty, a Size 15 vehicle takes -4, and so on. As with the basic effect, the vehicle must be in darkness to travel, and will arrive over water; most Hopeful using this Charm travel in boats.


Requires Lacrima •••
Modified by Sympathy

The Noble may use the Charm to travel from Alhambra to a place she knows well; apply the Sympathy modifier for the destination. As with the basic Charm, the upgrade only works in complete darkness (and in Alhambra that carries risk; see the rules in that section.) On the other hand, activating the Charm to leave Alhambra never triggers a Sensitivity check.