Flash Step (•••, Aria •••)Edit

Action: Reactive
Dice pool: Wits + Athletics
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: lasting

The Noble dodges her foe’s attack so swiftly that, by the time it lands, she’s somewhere else. She may activate Flash Step whenever she can Dodge an attack.

'Dramatic Failure: The Noble trips over her own feet. She loses Defense against the attack she was avoiding.
Failure: The Noble stays put, and defends against the incoming attack normally.
Success: The Noble moves up to her Speed times (1 + activation successes) in yards; if this takes her out of the attacker’s reach, the attack misses. On her next action, anyone she attacks is surprised and must equal or exceed her activation successes on a Wits + Composure roll to apply Defense against her.
Exceptional Success: The Noble moves in the blink of an eye. On her next action, Defense does not apply against her attack.