Forced Vows are No Vows (••••)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Resolve + Occult
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: lasting

Many supernatural beings have the power to give a promise the force of a natural law, calling on Fate itself to punish an oathbreaker. And all too many of those abuse that power, gaining great advantages from the promiser and giving mere crumbs in return. The Light has empowered the Noble to correct such injustice. This Charm is used on a person who has sworn a supernaturally enforced oath; the target must not have broken the oath yet.

Dramatic Failure: The oath’s enforcer regards the Charm as a breach of promise. The target suffers all the consequences of breaking the oath, and the Noble reaches a breaking point.
Failure: The oath remains in force.
Success: The Noble begins negotiating with the oath’s enforcer. The negotiation is an extended Social action with an interval of 1 turn/roll; the Storyteller sets the threshold. If the action succeeds the Noble can rewrite the terms of the oath, or cancel it altogether. A rewritten oath can’t set terms beyond the power of the being who sealed the oath; the new terms must be ones the target could have sworn to and be bound by when the old oath was made.
Exceptional Success: The Noble becomes a very persuasive negotiator; she gains a +2 bonus to her rolls

in the negotiation. Modifiers: The Noble doesn’t know the oath’s real terms (-1 to -3), the Noble has tried to alter the oath before (-2 for each previous failed attempt)