Freaky Friday (Connect ••••, Fulmine ••) [Dawn]Edit

Action: Extended and Resisted
Dice pool: Manipulation + Persuasion (5 Mins/Roll, Threshold = Both Target’s Willpower)
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: Successes in Days

“You couldn’t last one day in my life” is a very common phrase when two people are fed up with each others’ antics. Wouldn’t it be simple to actually see if that’s the case? The Queen of Cups thinks so. In using this charm, the Princess may select two targets in which both must have given their consent. If one or both targets hasn’t given their consent, then the charm acts as if it suffered a Dramatic Failure.

Dramatic Failure: The Princess may not use this charm on her targets for a number of weeks equal to her Fulmine.
Failure: The charm fails.
Success: The Charm succeeds. When the targets both next sleep, they find themselves waking up in the other’s body. For all intents, the two targets are in each other’s body with the sensory information fed to their original body’s brain. Apply the Freaky Friday Condition. Each target retains their Mental and Social Attributes, Skills and merits and in the case of Physical they retain their Skills, but their Physical Attributes and Merits are replaced with the others for the duration of the Switch. When in the other's body, the person will feel echoes of mannerisms, beliefs and the perspective of the other. The Princess can target herself or other Princesses and she keeps her powers even in a different body, but she cannot swap anyone or herself with another supernatural.
Exceptional Success: Extra successes are their own reward.

If the charm is ended early (the using Princess can force it to end prematurely with the consent of one of the affected), the two affected simply go back to their original bodies. If a target with the Freaky Friday Condition is targeted by a power that conflicts with it, such as some form of possession or something that cancels control on a body, such as gaining the Doll Template from the “Crafted with Love and Care” Caligo, a clash of wills is initiated. The target with the Freaky Friday Conditions gains a bonus to their roll equal to the Charm’s activation successes or the using Princess’s Fulmine, whichever is higher. If the invading effect wins, the Freaky Friday Condition ends immediately and the new effect takes hold.

If one of the affected dies (Princesses who use this charm often stick around or keep tabs to make sure this doesn’t happen, especially if they gave their body to someone else), the Freaky Friday condition ends immediately. The person whose body had died dies while the one whose body remains alive still lives.