Friendly Gremlin (•)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Dexterity + Crafts
Cost: 1 Wisp/success
Duration: variable

Soon after airplanes were invented, flyers began to speak of gremlins, small spirits who liked to sabotage planes. While no one has ever seen a real gremlin, as far as the Hopeful know, a Noble-mechanic named this Charm after them, as it preserves the delicate mechanisms of aircraft (and other machinery) in perfect working order, keeping the local gremlins friendly. The Noble uses this Charm on any machine with multiple moving parts. Friendly Gremlin cannot be used on a machine currently under its effects.

Dramatic Failure: The machine develops a fault, and loses 1 point of Structure. The Noble can’t use the Charm on it until it’s repaired.
Failure: The machine is not affected.
Success: The machine gains the Fortunate Tilt, blessing a number of rolls made to operate it up to the activation successes or Wisps spent (whichever is less.) Neither the Noble nor the operator chooses which rolls gain the benefit - the “gremlin” blesses the next set of rolls made, no matter when or by whom, to operate the machine.
Exceptional Success: The target gains the Fortunate Tilt for many rolls.



Cost: 2 Wisps/success

The gremlin’s help is more effective. The machine gains the Greatly Fortunate Tilt for one roll per activation success or 2 Wisps spent (whichever is less.)


Requires Helpful
Cost: 3 Wisps/success

The gremlin makes it nearly impossible to fail when using the machine. It gains the Perfected Tilt for one roll per activation success or 3 Wisps spent (whichever is less.)