Garden of Bright Images (•••••)Edit

Requires Phantom
Action: Extended, 1 minute/roll, threshold = Sanctuary + duration in hours
Dice pool: Intelligence + Expression
Cost: (Sanctuary rating) Wisps
Duration: 1 or more hours

The Noble decorates her surroundings with a beautiful glamour. She chooses an area to affect and a time for the glamour to last when she starts working on the Charm.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble deceives only herself; she sees the area transformed according to her intentions, but everyone else sees it as it really is.
Failure: The Noble loses control of her magic; she must accept a Condition to continue making the illusion.
Success: When the Noble reaches the threshold, the appearance of every nonliving thing in the targeted area is transformed to match a theme the Noble chooses. (For instance, “formal ballroom”, “open bazaar”, “African jungle” and “undersea grotto” are all valid themes.) Permanent fixtures are always changed; she can choose whether to change people’s possessions, but cannot affect some possessions and not others. As long as the Charm lasts, the changed objects look, sound, feel and even smell like what they appear to be; observers may make Perception rolls to spot something wrong with the illusion, but they take a penalty equal to the Noble’s successes.
Exceptional Success: The Noble may reduce the threshold or interval, or make the illusion impenetrable to all mundane senses.



Duration: indefinite

The Noble may take advantage of a Consecrated Condition. When she does so, the illusion covers all the Consecrated ground and lasts until the Condition expires or she dismisses the Charm; treat the duration as 0 when calculating the threshold.