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Goalenu Graft (••••)Edit

Requires Stormwracked Initiation, Sworn to Storms, or Noble following Storms

A Goalenu has replaced one of your organs with part of a Vessel. You gain access to either the flesh or clay Reprisal for the replaced organ. When you take this Merit, you may buy dots in the associated Attribute, ignoring the limits of humanity, and even those of your Inner Light score if you have one. You may not buy any dots in that Attribute after taking this Merit. You follow all the rules given above. You may take Goalenu Graft once for each Attribute, except Resolve and Intelligence.

If you have the Tempesta Invocation, you may invoke it when activating a Reprisal to add your dots in Tempesta to the dice pool.

Drawback: In addition to the other disadvantages mentioned above, if you try to break the Ban of Tempesta, the parts grafted in you will oppose your intentions, either by shutting down, or by attacking any servant of Darkness you are inclined to spare. In the latter case, they will use Reprisals if that will hurt the enemy, and you have the necessary resources, taking no regard for you. If you have Tempesta, they add your dots in it to the Reprisal dice pools for free.