Grey Masque (Govern ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 day or 1 week

The Darkness continually hunts for traces of the Light, and too many of those bearing such traces can't protect themselves. The Noble is able to hide the Light's touch from those who can perceive it, giving them some protection - after all, if your goal is to give your sister the magic she needs to fly away from danger, painting a target on her back defeats the purpose. The Charm may be used on any Light-touched character.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble creates a flare of Light that alerts everyone capable of detecting the Light-touched within her Inner Light in miles to her presence and her rough location.
Failure: The Noble can't hide her target's status.
Success: For one full day, the target's Quiet Echo fades away. Passive abilities that detect the Light-touched automatically fail to recognize the target as such, and active abilities must win a Clash of Wills to detect him.
Exceptional Success: The target's Echo vanishes for a full week.


Masqued BallEdit

Cost: +1 Willpower

The Noble may conceal the traces of Light left by Charms. She may use the Charm on anyone or anything affected by the Light's magic - an active Charm, a Living Image or Bequest, a Waiting Charm Condition, or a Consecrated Condition. Until Grey Masque ends passive abilities that could otherwise detect such effects fail when used on the target, and active abilities must win a Clash of Wills.

To hide a Charm that works on an area or a Consecrated Condition, the Charm must be cast as an extended action, with an interval of 1 turn and a threshold set from the area's Sanctuary rating. Hiding a Consecrated area protects the Condition and all the Charms tied to it from detection until the Consecration fails. It does not hide Charms cast on targets in the area - only those tied to the Condition.

Funeral MasqueEdit

Requires Lacrima •••

The Noble can hide a mundane human from the Darkness. Any being with an ability to detect the Light-touched will take no notice of the target's presence, or recall them as more than a generic human figure of no interest afterward, unless the target tries to draw its attention. Even if he does, the being must make a Perception roll penalized by the Noble's Lacrima. With this upgrade the Charm may be used on mundane characters or Beacons, but not on other Light-touched.