Grip Onto Your FearEdit

The flimsiest Darkspawn’s grip can become the unheeding grasp of death once it locks its palm around you, and woe to the ones who panic, for the darkness feeds off of their despair. When the character is in a grapple, he gains a +2 bonus to the Hold and Restrain moves. Against an opponent with the Shaken Condition, the bonus is +3. In actions that involve gripping an object, the character gains a +1 bonus, and attempts to remove an object from his grasp take a -1 penalty.

Drawback: The character’s hands, while normal to the eye, are repulsive to the touch. His palm could always be sticky with sweat, rough as if covered in wood chips or cold as ice. Only thick gloves can stop the sensation of disgust in those he touches. In any Social rolls against a person the character has ever put a hand on, he suffers a -2 penalty; in social maneuvers against such people, the character must open one extra Door.