Hallowed Hearth (•••)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 minute of quiet contemplation and recollection/roll, threshold = Sanctuary
Dice pool: Composure + Empathy
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 day

A Noble’s home is their castle, even if it isn’t formally a palace. Drawing upon the sanctity of her own memories, she wraps the senses of intruders in confusion, serving to protect and serve this place.

When the Noble reaches the threshold, any action to enter the target Sanctuary by force, or to observe events in it from outside, requires an exceptional success. At a story level, intruders get the feeling that this is a boring, mundane place. People who try to break in or spy in from the outside will likely get bored quickly, and give up because there is nothing of value here, because they can’t find what they’re looking for or even (especially if they suffer a dramatic failure) become convinced that they must have got the wrong address and occupants.



To those who wish ill, a place of good memories can only drive them further into self-inflicted misery. All characters who enter the Sanctuary without permission from the Noble gain the Nervous Condition, resolving when they leave the Sanctuary.


When the Noble stands in Consecrated ground, she may intertwine the Charm with that Condition. Doing so extends its duration - the Charm ends when the Consecrated Condition does. The Sanctuary affected is the entire Consecrated area, so the Noble must get enough successes to affect all of that area.

Road of Dawn UpgradesEdit


Requires Vuoto •••
Version: Vocation
Cost: 1 Wisp

Spying and attempting to breach a palace draws its Noble’s gaze as well. A Princess may weave this upgrade only when first affecting a place. When a possible intruder attempts spying on the place or breaking into it, even by supernatural means, the Princess may roll her dots in Safe Place as given by this charm plus her Vuoto. Success allows for the Princess to get a general idea of where the possible intruder is at and what he’s doing. Exceptional Success lets the Princess know exactly where the intruder is at and what he is doing. The vision gained lasts Vuoto + Safe Place Dots from this charm Turns.