Hope Dies Very Hard (Connect ••, Fulmine •••)Edit

Requires Road of Dawn supplement
Action: Reflexive
Cost: 1 Wisp, 1 Willpower
Duration: One Scene

The Queen of Cups stands for all those who would find themselves and stands firm against those who would challenge that integrity. Whenever a Princess is a target of someone attempting to use the “Mean Girls” sidebar in the core books and set for causing a Belief Compromise in the Princess, the Princess may add her dots in Fulmine to the number of Doors required to open in paying the cost of this charm.

If the scene should end and the perpetrator has opened all of the normal doors but not the ones added through this charm, then the Princess is counted as having at least one door left unless she reactivates the charm, in which they return to how many doors were left from when the charm was still active. If any of the ones that were opened and were the doors added by Fulmine, then the doors remain open until either all of the Princess’s doors are opened or the Princess reaches a Hostile Impression of the perpetrator.

Invocations do rely on the emotions used to invoke them though. Should the Princess decide to Go With the Flow, she forfeits the use of this charm for the rest of the Scene.