These Appear Charms require learning the Acqua Invocation.

Charm: ChameleonEdit

Action: Instant and resisted, Inner Light + Empathy - target's Composure

Cost: 1 Wisp

Duration: 1 scene

Requires: Fluid Transformation, Acqua 1

Instead of changing yourself, you change how another perceives you. If you succeed in the Charm, the target cannot see through any disguise that you assume or role that you enact; in all contests of Wits + Subterfuge for this purpose between you, the target automatically gets a dramatic failure. The Charm ends if you use any other Charm where the target can see.

If you apply Lead the Troupe, you may create imaginary people, up to your successes in number. Your target will believe the people are present and moving around normally. By concentrating, you can make the phantoms carry out a conversation with each other, and with the target; this takes your action each turn, and you must succeed on a Wits + Subterfuge roll to make the dialogue sound natural. To disguise yourself with this version, you must assume one of the imaginary roles, sacrificing 1 success.

If you have Subtle Gear, using another Charm does not end Chameleon.

If you have Twenty Faces, the perceptions of everyone within sight of you when you cast Chameleon are affected. The witness with the highest Composure resists for all present.