These Appear Charms require learning the Fuego Invocation.

Charm: Glorious AuraEdit

Action: Instant, Inner Light + Presence

Cost: 1 Wisp

Duration: 1 scene

Requires: Fluid Transformation, Fuego 1

The beauty of the Light shines from you. You gain the benefits of the 2-dot version of Striking Looks, which stacks with the actual Merit if you have it. Moreover, within a radius of your successes in yards, you shed enough light to read by; and you may, as an instant action, intensify the light to a dazzling brilliance that forces anyone within that radius to look away from you. This inflicts a penalty, equal to half your dots in Fuego, on any action that requires focusing on you (such as an attack) taken by those in the radius.

If you apply Lead the Troupe, double the radius of the light.

If you have Subtle Gear, you can create 1 dancing light for each success beyond the first. These lights move with you; as an instant action you may direct them to move anywhere at your own Speed, and to brighten to dazzling brilliance or dim to normal illumination. Each light illuminates the same radius as you do, and looking at one turned up to full brilliance inflicts the same penalty.

If you have Twenty Faces, you gain the benefits of the 4-dot version of Striking Looks, and your light can become so intense that those who look at it are dazzled for a full round afterward, taking the listed penalty both when aiming at you, and on the next action they take whatever it is.