These Appear Charms require learning the Legno Invocation.

Charm: Sweet FragranceEdit

Action: Instant and contested, Inner Light + Socialize vs. Composure + supernatural advantage

Cost: 1 Wisp

Duration: 1 scene

Requires: Fluid Transformation, Legno 1

You release a subtle scent into the air around you, that relaxes those who breathe it and inclines them to be friendly. You may affect a circular area with a radius up to (Inner Light + Legno) yards, though you must be within it. Everyone within the area who does not beat your successes gets a +1 bonus to all Social rolls made to befriend another or to gain trust, and takes a -1 penalty to all rolls to maintain or inspire distrust. On an exceptional success, the bonus and penalty are doubled.

If you apply Lead the Troupe, double the radius of the area.

If you have Subtle Gear, you may permeate an object with the fragrance you are releasing by touching it; anyone else who touches or smells it afterward is affected by the scent.

If you have Twenty Faces, you release the scent for the rest of the scene; anyone who comes within your Inner Light in yards is affected.