These Appear Charms require learning the Tempesta Invocation.

Variation: Know My PainEdit

Action: Full turn and contested, Inner Light + Empathy vs. target's Composure + supernatural advantage

Cost: 2 Wisps

Duration: 1 scene

Requires: Fluid Transformation, Tempesta 2

There are those who would tell you that pain is bad, and to be avoided at all costs. They are weak. Pain is a tool, just like any other. It is not only useful, but even necessary, to use it against those who would try to stop you. Know My Pain inflicts phantom bashing damage on a single target, equal to the number of boxes with damage of any type on your Health track; your injuries are reflected in the target's body. The target suffers wound penalties from this damage if it goes into the last three boxes, and must check their Stamina to remain conscious if it fills the last box, as normal. However, the damage is not real; it vanishes when the Charm ends as if it were healed, and if the target takes real bashing damage when the track is full, that damage replaces the phantom damage instead of wrapping into lethal damage. The phantom damage can also be healed magically, or mitigated as it's inflicted by targets who have that ability.

If you apply Lead the Troupe, you inflict phantom damage on all members of a social group, using the Commonalty modifier.

If you have Subtle Gear, any evidence of damage you have taken is concealed. You appear to be totally uninjured to mundane examination, and magical diagnosis must exceed your successes to detect your injuries. This does not affect your actual state of health -- you still suffer wound penalties if you take enough damage. Moreover, if you lose a limb, the Charm doesn't produce a false limb; it only makes the loss seem like an old, fully healed wound.

If you have Twenty Faces, a part of the pain your targets inflict on you becomes real to them. Whenever a target of the Charm damages you further, you may spend a Wisp reflexively to inflict 1 damage on that target, of the same type as what he inflicted. Unlike the initial damage, this is fully real, and remains after the Charm ends.