These Appear Charms require learning the Terra Invocation.

Charm: SimulacrumEdit

Action: Full turn, Inner Light + Larceny - object's Size

Cost: 1 Wisp

Duration: successes in hours

Requires: Fluid Transformation, Terra 1

You make an object appear to be something it is not. The illusion is static; if the underlying object has no moving parts, it can't be made to look like a functioning complex mechanism. Also, the Charm does not alter the object's composition; e.g. a flexible object will bend under pressure, even if it looks like something rigid. Finally, a careful inspection (normally Wits + Investigation) can reveal flaws in the disguise; once an inspector gains more successes than you got on the activation roll, he is convinced the object is counterfeit.

If you apply Lead the Troupe, you can disguise objects up to your dots in Terra with a single casting. The largest object disguised sets the penalty.

If you have Subtle Gear, all rolls to find flaws in an object's disguise take a penalty equal to your dots in Terra.

If you have Twenty Faces, you may disguise large objects easily. For the purpose of the activation roll, reduce the effective Size of the object by your dots in Terra.