Ivory Gate (•••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Manipulation + Socialize
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 night’s sleep

The Noble binds her mind to another; when they next fall asleep they will share their dreams. The Charm grants both the gift of lucid dreaming for the night and clear memories the morning after. To open an Ivory Gate a Noble needs permission from the target, and the pair must sleep close enough to touch.

Once open, an Ivory Gate allows the dreamers to share a journey through Crawlspace. The dreamer with the better impression level leads the journey, and the Doors are set from her traits. Either dreamer may open Doors by herself, or the dreamers may use teamwork actions to do so. If the dreamers don’t make it through Crawlspace before one wakes up, either may resume the journey the next night, but travel separately unless the Noble uses Ivory Gate again.

Another, fairly obscure, use of an Ivory Gate is to invoke it on oneself. This might seem a waste of good Wisps, but it’s useful when the Charm is made into a Bequest, for then it lets a Beacon or Sworn travel in the Dreamlands whenever they wish to. Also, while a Noble is within her own Crawlspace and under the effects of a self-applied invocation of Ivory Gate, she will be able to navigate from her Crawlspace into a regular dream (and yes, she can bring others too but they don’t benefit from lucidity or clear memories unless Ivory Gate is invoked upon them). An expensive but effective cure for insomnia.



Modified by Sympathy

The Noble opens an Ivory Gate from afar, applying the Sympathy modifier. The next time both she and the target are asleep at the same time, both will dream of being together in the target’s current location, looking for a Crawlspace entrance. The Noble must have prior permission from the target to use the Charm.

Horn GateEdit

Requires Specchio ••

The Noble calls the soul of an unsuspecting dreamer, and creates a gate into his dream without his consent. To apply Horn Gate the Noble must be in the Dreamlands. The Charm creates a Crawlspace passage for the target to her current location, with Doors set from the target’s traits. Both the Noble and the target may open Doors as usual, though they can’t use teamwork; both start with an excellent impression. Once the Crawlspace is open, the Noble and any Dreamlander who happens along (such as Amanojaku looking for a host) can walk freely into the target’s dreaming mind, and the target can go - or be taken - to the Dreamlands. Note that unless the Noble applies Distant her physical body still needs to be next to her target.