Journey in Reverie (Learn ••••)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Composure + Empathy
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: indefinite

The Noble dreams of reality, casting her mind forth to walk, invisible and untouchable, in the waking world. To use this Charm the Noble must be next to one of her Crawlspace entrances, and spend enough time to find and open its first Door.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble sleeps without dreaming, and can’t be wakened by any normal means; magic to wake her up faces a Clash of Wills. The sleep lasts long enough to refresh her Willpower.
Failure: The Noble can’t find sleep. To use the Charm she must start all over again.
Success: The Noble falls into reverie similar to Dreamlands travel, but rather than pass the threshold of her Crawlspace, she may turn back and travel the material world as a psychic projection, leaving her body asleep behind her. In this state the Noble acts as an ephemeral entity in Twilight Form, with the traits of her Dream Form, and in phase with other psychic projections, Astral beings and Dreamlanders. Thus supernatural powers that influence minds or Dreamlanders in Twilight work on her, but nothing material can touch or perceive her without such a power. The Noble may end the Charm at any time, which returns her to her body and wakes her; until it ends she knows nothing of her body’s condition.
The Noble’s own powers are sharply limited in her Dream Form - unless her target is another ephemeral entity in phase with her, she may use only those Charms that influence minds, or Charms she can cast through a sympathetic connection (her connection to anything she sees is Sensory) and she may not use Charms that require her target to perceive her. While she doesn’t suffer Essence bleed, the Charm expires, waking her, if she can’t stay transformed. Should her Dream Form be destroyed, the Noble wakes with the Soul Shocked Condition.
Exceptional Success: The Noble finds it easy to sustain her Dream Form outside of her body. She adds +2 to her rolls to stay transformed until the Charm ends.



Until the Charm ends, the Noble may spend a Wisp to make her Dream Form visible and audible to material beings for one scene. When she does so, she may use Charms that require others to see or hear her.