Joy Buzzer (•, Aria ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Stamina + Science
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

Breaking through haughty pride is often a daunting task, but fortunately many tools exist to help. Some of them happen to be more... physical than others.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble manages to shock herself. She takes bashing damage equal to her Aria and cannot use the Charm again for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Noble doesn’t build up a charge.
Success: The Noble gives her body a charge of static electricity, and can control when and where it discharges. She has a pool of charges equal to her successes, and may release a number of them up to her Stamina into anything she touches. Normally this is an instant unrolled action, but it can be combined with a touch action if used on a moving target. The charges are basically harmless but quite distracting to a living being; a targeted person or animal takes a -1 penalty on their next action for each charge they receive, unless they happen to be electrically grounded. Someone who is insulated will be shocked the next time they ground themselves, and take the penalty then.
Alternatively, if an object would actually benefit from receiving a jolt, the Noble can use her charges to add a bonus to actions involving that object. Used this way, each charge spent gives a +1 bonus to a single action.
Exceptional Success: The Noble can produce powerful jolts. She may release up to her Stamina + Aria charges in a single touch.

The Noble can carry up to her Stamina times her Aria charges of electricity at a time, usually from multiple activations of the Charm. Any successes in excess of this limit discharge into the Noble herself, penalizing her next action.

Upgrade: JoltingEdit

The Noble can concentrate her charges into a current strong enough to hurt. When she touches a target, she rolls one die for each charge she releases; the target takes 1 bashing damage for each success on this roll.

Upgrade: QuickEdit

The Noble can deliver a shock with only a passing thought. She may release charges as a reflexive action, though she cannot do so more than once in a turn.