Liberal Artist (•)Edit

Favor (Academics)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, she remembers her schooling and reading in her favorite fields with a crystalline clarity.



The Noble’s memory for general facts grows nearly as sharp as her knowledge of her chosen subject. While transformed, she may apply an Invocation when memorizing [CofD 30] or recalling her own experiences.


Requires Acqua (••)

The Noble finds what she wants in a library as easily as in her own home. She may spend 1 Wisp once during an extended Academics action to add additional rolls, one for each dot of Acqua, above what her Attribute + Skill allows.


Requires Fuoco (••)

The Noble burns through books and records at great speed, acquiring knowledge of a field rivaling a true scholar’s for a short time. When she is transformed and building a repository [CofD 100] the Noble may spend a Wisp. As long as it exists, the Noble may apply Fuoco to her actions when the repository provides its equipment bonus. For anyone else, the repository acts as normal equipment.

The Noble may keep a number of these repositories up to her Fuoco at a time; once she reaches her limit, she must discard a repository before using Autodidact again.