Life of the Party (•)Edit

Favor (Socialize)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, innate courtesy and friendliness support her in every social situation.



Requires Aria (••)

The Noble is welcomed in any bar or drinking party while transformed. Actions to detect her as an intruder take her Aria as a penalty; this stacks with the Barfly Merit [CofD 50]. Also, the Noble can get drunk, or high on drugs, and never show it - she keeps her poise and self-control. She may apply Aria to her roll to resist a drug’s effects [CofD 96]. (The Charm does not help the Princess resist a toxin that does damage.) During a social maneuver, if the Noble and her target are at a social function where people are expected to drink (or take other recreational drugs) she can spend 1 Wisp to improve her impression by one step.


Requires Terra (••)

When asking for information from her connections, the Noble nearly always finds what she seeks. She may apply Terra whenever she gathers information from her Contacts [CofD 50], no matter what Skill her dice pool uses. If she spends 1 Wisp after seeing the result, she may reroll her dice pool, though she must accept the second result. (Using this ability on a Contact who knows only the Princess’ mundane identity is best done over the telephone ...)