Light the Way (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

A portion of the Noble’s Regalia can, at any time, emit a soft light that banishes the thickest natural darkness. The light source can take several forms - a ring or bracelet, a jewel on her brow, an actual small flashlight, and a saintly halo have all been seen; whatever its form, it illuminates the Noble’s path and leaves her hands free. She can bring the light up or douse it reflexively, and set it to shine at any intensity short of full sunlight.

The Noble can also focus the light to a bright, narrow beam into someone’s eyes to inflict temporary blindness. This is a normal attack using Dexterity + Athletics, and the target’s Defense applies. On a normal success the target is Blinded [CofD 281] in one eye; on an exceptional success he is Blinded in both eyes. Either way, the Tilt lasts for one turn.



Requires Fuoco •

The Noble can reflexively make her light burn at a constant eye-watering intensity, blinding anyone nearby who looks at her, by spending a Wisp. Anyone who can see her must succeed on a Stamina + Composure roll, penalized by the Noble’s Fuoco, or be Blinded in one eye until he looks away from her, or she dims her light again, whichever comes first.

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