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Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Resolve + Academics
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 5 minutes

A library is a treasure house of knowledge, but sometimes one needs a special key to unlock it. The Noble uses this Charm when she has access to a library (or other collection of information.) She falls into a light trance, in which the totality of information contained in the library appears within her mind.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble’s mind drowns in the flood of data. She takes the Stumbling Condition on a Skill related to the facts she was looking for, which ends when she next sleeps.
Failure: The information in the library runs through the Noble’s mind without leaving a trace.
Success: The Noble sifts key facts out of the flood. Each activation success reduces the threshold for her next extended action using the library by 1 success. If the threshold to find a piece of information becomes 0 or less, the Princess learns that information during the trance.
Exceptional Success: The Noble retains a great deal of information. Her dice pool for her next extended action using the library gains the 9-again quality, if she didn’t have that benefit already.

As long as the trance lasts the Noble stands or sits without moving or seeing her surroundings; she takes a -2 penalty to Perception rolls and Defense, and if she takes any action or suffers damage the Charm fails. The Noble cannot use this Charm more than once per scene, and if she uses it twice before doing research, she loses all benefits from the first activation.