Master Mason (•••••, Terra ••••)Edit

Requires Crucible with Powered
Action: Extended, 15 minutes/roll, threshold = Sanctuary + Availability
Dice pool: Presence + Crafts
Cost: (Sanctuary rating)+2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: lasting

The ground under the Noble’s feet trembles, rumbles, and finally erupts into a great building of steel, brick, stone and glass, with water pipes, electrical outlets and every modern convenience. The Noble must accumulate enough successes to match both the size of the building, as measured on the Sanctuary scale, and its quality as a residence or working space, as measured by Availability [CofD 100]. The Charm is not limited to houses, but can build any structure of comparable size - say, a road, bridge, dam, stadium or theater.

The Noble may not use this Charm unless she is standing on solid ground, devoid of any intact man-made structures and large enough to accommodate the final building. If she wants any plumbing and power outlets in the building to work, she must connect them to water systems and electrical mains that run nearby. Any furnishings in the building are integral with it, made of the same materials and immovable.