Master of Arms (Shape •••, Metallo ••)Edit

Requires Road of Dawn Supplement
Action: Extended, Dexterity + Crafts (10min/roll, Threshold = 10 - Metallo Rating)
Cost: 1 Wisp, 1 Willpower
Duration: (Metallo) scenes

The Princess is able to charm the materials she works with, making a weapon superior to those made by mundane hands. When holding either a mundane weapons or a weapon the Princess is crafting and working on, the Princess may work this charm into the weapon creation. Upon reaching the threshold, the weapon immediately gains the Illuminated Condition. Blessed by the Light, it deals magic damage as well as physical. Along with gaining this condition, the Princess may work more functions unto the weapon adding further traits. She may not add more traits to the weapon than how many dots she has in Metallo. Dealing magic damage does not count toward this limit for the purpose of this charm.

  • Lower the Strength requirement for wielding the weapon (Minimum of 1)
  • Negate the Initiative Penalty for wielding the weapon (Minimum of 0)
  • Add a point of Armor Piercing to the weapon (Maximum = Metallo rating)
  • Add the 9-Again Quality to the weapon in attacking.
  • Make the Illuminated Condition indefinite until the weapon is broken.

If the Princess gains an exceptional success in the initial roll to Illuminate the weapon, she may add one another quality per success over five that does not count toward the Metallo rating limit.