Ministering Angel (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Noble adds a first-aid kit to her Regalia. The Regalia bonus applies to medical care in the field. It also allows the Noble to stabilize a character whose last Health box has lethal damage with an instant unrolled action.



The Noble can give medical treatment equal to a hospital’s, wherever her patient may be, pulling any tools she needs out of her kit. She may downgrade damage to a patient in the field as if she were in a hospital [CofD 96] with the same dice pool, interval and threshold, and applies both Regalia and Quality bonuses.


Requires Acqua •

The Noble remains calm and rational in a crisis, and her calm mind and clear instructions help bring back others from panic. When she applies Acqua to a Medicine roll she may ignore up to her Acqua in situational penalties for stress, panic, loud noises, disgust and other similar distractions. If she is the primary actor in a teamwork Medicine roll, she may spend a Wisp to apply her Calming presence to every secondary actor.


Requires Aria •

For the Noble, laughter is truly the best medicine. If she makes a patient under her care laugh, she may spend a Wisp to give the rote quality to his next Stamina + Resolve roll to resist damage from disease or poison.


Requires Legno •

The Noble carries a supply of anesthetic in her medical kit. When used on a patient the anesthetic gives a +1 bonus, stacking with the Quality bonus. The Noble can also use the drug on an unwilling target, though this requires a Dexterity + Weaponry attack roll. Normal success gives him the Drugged Tilt [CofD 281], and exceptional success gives the Insensate Tilt [CofD 285]; the Regalia bonus applies to the roll, but the Quality bonus does not.